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Health and Wellness New Year’s Resolution


Make Health and Wellness your resolution this New Year

On this New Year, you all have a chance to make a real difference. It is always the time for good intensions, intensions of improving the quality of life and change something that you may not have liked all these years.

This year with Diet Clinic and under the guidance of acclaimed and renowned dietician, Sheela Seharawat, you have an opportunity to create healthy goals that you can stick to, throughout the year and be on the path of wellness.

Deciding on a healthy Resolution

First of all, when you have decided to step forward on health and wellness, you must know the reason on why this goal? It is because, you will have all the more reason to succeed with good reasons. Say for example, if you decide to lose weight, it is more likely to leave it on achieving the results or you feel you are not making any progress. It is because your focus is on losing weight.

Instead, aim for improving health and wellness. It is because, you will eat healthy and stay healthy, and it will in turn keep you healthy, by providing the body with valued nutrition that it needs to stay healthy. Ultimately in the process of attaining good health, you will lose weight also.

Secondly, deciding to be and stay healthy need not be a secret of your life. Speak about it to other, especially your family and friends, as they will support your resolution and help you achieve your goals.

A year seems like a long time, but actually it is the minimum amount of time needed to get healthy. If you really want a change towards good health and wellness this here, do consider the following points:

  • Be realistic and seek help. It is never possible alone, involve as many people as you can who can collectively promote good health and healthy lifestyles.
  • Always consider good health and wellness as a journey and not a sprint. It’s worth the time and effort that you put behind it to achieve it.
  • Once you have decided on it, make room for possible changes in your daily life. It could be new behaviour, habits or some events that you need to incorporate in your life for the changes to happen.
  • Do it only when you are really ready for it. Committing to do something and doing it in reality has a lot of difference. In this case you are looking forward for sustainable changes in your lifestyle. So, you will only succeed, when you are totally ready for it.
  • Without planning you will go nowhere.
  • Record your progress. Some of it might happen instantly and some might take time. Knowing your progress will provide the motivation to move further.
  • Always reward yourself for your achievements. It motivates you to move forward.

Good Health and Wellness is more of a habit than a decision and what could be a better time than a New Year to incorporate this habit and attain it.

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