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Health Regime: New Year Resolution

With year 2019 around the corner, people must have started thinking of a New Year resolution. The most common among the list of new resolution is living a healthy life and hitting the gym. Even in India, people want to take steps towards living healthy life but there is no denial that people in our country are little adamant when it comes to adaptability. Also, many don’t want to hit gym and does rigorous exercise as many do.

Thinking of gyms, the first thing that flashes in front of many of us is lots of dumbbells and weights. The mere imagination stops a bunch of us to even join the gym. With the influence of west, there are gyms that have adopted unconventional style of exercising to keep the members engaged.

Though, there still are many exercise patters that have not been introduced in fitness industries in India in the year 2018. With year 2019 pitching in and the increased interest of people to stay fit, the fitness gyms is going to create a change in terms of workouts to lure more members.

On the occasion, I would like to introduce to you my client Anytime Fitness, a global coed fitness chain from the USA. We are happy to share the trends to be followed in the 2019 in gyms on the behalf of fitness experts who work in Anytime Fitness because who will know and understand this industry more than them.

USP of the gym-

  • Anytime Fitness provides facilities and work-outs according to international standards in an affordable price
  • Anytime Fitness is 24*7 fitness franchise
  • With single Anytime Fitness membership, one can get access to all the gyms across the globe
  • Private washrooms for members to keep hygiene of everyone in mind

We would be delighted to share more information on any specific requirement and would be happy to connect you with the Spokesperson for further inputs and insights on mutual convenient time.

Also, we would be glad to arrange inputs on behalf of Anytime Fitness- fitness experts and nutritionists if required in any story.

Few Talk points-

Ø  Irregulars hours and difficult to exercise

Ø  How having a 24*7 gym in India is the need of the hour

Ø  Why workout should be included in a child’s routine

Ø  Time to gym- Need of the hour

Ø  Anytime Fitness has more than 1000 members enrolled for late night exercising

Ø  How Anytime Fitness is different from other gyms chains in India


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