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Health Technologies Everyone Should Know About

With the cost of medical care rising every year, it’s good to know that there are still some things we can do , devices and online services we can now take advantage of.

The Fitbit

Keeping the pounds off seems to be a perennial human obsession – and not just for women, but men too. We all know that this relies on two things: what you eat and how much you do. The Fitbit armband (which is unfortunately a little pricey at around Rs. 15,000) brings the two together by acting both as a calorie counter and an exercise tracker.

There are think you worked out. At most, a smartphone is capable of acting as a simple pedometer (a device that counts how many steps you take).

The Fitbit addresses this lack beautifully, automatically measuring not just the fact that you’re exercising, but also how hard you’re going at it, by the way, your wrist moves. It even recognizes certain common types of exercise, such as swimming. In this regard, it helps that the device is waterproof.

There’s plenty to be said about this device and its features, including that an entirely online and offline community has grown around it. Definitely worth it for fitness fanatics.

Anonymous online counseling services do exist though, and although not all of them adhere to the same set of professional standards, the best ones require their therapists to hold a minimum of a master’s degree, several years of practical experience and also a current license to practice.

Although still a startup with limited international reach, Patientfusion’s business model seems to be a real hit so far and we can expect to see much more of them, and their competitors, in the near future.

Although there’s a lot of industry talk about patient-centered care, the ordeal of booking an appointment, visiting a doctor, being referred to another, etc. remains opaque and more than a little intimidating. This website allows you to quickly find medical facilities near you (including those that accept your medical insurer), book appointments online depending on which slots are available, and view your own health records should you be interested.

Perhaps most interestingly, patients can write reviews describing the level of service they received from any given provider. Of course, the average layman can’t tell if a dermatologist or pediatrician is technically qualified – but bedside manner, clear communication and error-free administration are perhaps just as important to most of us.


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