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Healthy fast food recipe Steamed Corn n Greens Popiah

Steamed Corn n Greens Popiah

Ingredient Description Recipe Qty UOM
Corn Kernels 40 gm
Spinach Leaves Shredded 150 gm
Pakchoy leaves shredded 100 gm
Celery Chopped 20 gm
Black pepper 2 gm
Salt 1 gm
Rice paper Sheet 2 nos
Jaggery 15 gm
Lemon Juice 15 ml
Fresh Red Chilly Copped 1 gm
Corriander root Chopped 5 gm
Garlic Chopped 2 gm
Sugar 2 gm
Salt 1 gm
water 40 ml


  • Soak rice paper sheet in water for 03 min
  • Blanch Corn, Spinach and Pakchoy for a while and drain all water
  • Mix rest ingredient to make a stuffing, pls check seasoning as per your taste
  • Mix all the ingredients for dressing , make sure Jaggery is dissolved completely
  • Prepare roll using rice paper sheet and stuffing
  • steam the rolls for 02 minutes
  • Serve hot with the dressing

By: Chef Swatantra Gautam


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