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Healthy food to eat before the main meals

healthy food

Science had made it very clear, that eating small amount of foods throughout the day is more beneficial than having routine three meals a day. Although there is no prescribed formulae, it does has many health advantages. In addition to three moderate healthy meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, we all should also make a habit to have a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon small meals. Even a late-evening snack makes a lot of sense to complete your day. The main purpose of it is to never do without a small bite the three waking hours of the day.

The thumb rule: Healthier the before meal snack, the more you can eat. And the main advantages of all of it are – it curbs cravings, limits hunger and the most important, it stops you from overeating at meal times.

Here are some examples of such foods that you should always opt for before meal times to keep you healthy, are yummy, and keeps your hunger away till the meal time.

  • Fruits: we all admit that, it is no secret that healthy living means eating lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating some fruits before meals helps you to put in some in something that is low in calorie, as they are low-energy density foods. Fruits are rich sources of fibers, and also it takes more time to digest, thus keeping us fuller for a longer period of time and not letting us overeat during mealtimes. It helps in losing weight and supplies the body with all the essential nutrients that may get missed out in regular meals.
  • Hard boiled eggs: a great source of proteins, helps in keeping off hunger at bay. It provides the all necessary energy, the lack of which might make you sluggish and lazy before meals. Keeping you full helps you with eating as much little as necessary during meal times and not let you overeat. A great food to have if you are weight conscious and watch what you eat.
  • Raisins: no matter they are sweet, they are super healthy and packed with various essentials nutrients and vitamins. Enjoy just a few teaspoons of these health doses throughout the day before the meals and get going.
  • Chocolate: it is no harm to treat yourself with some chocolate, especially on a very busy morning. A good option for a mid-morning snack, researches show that milk chocolate or any low-sugar equivalent have soothing effects on morning anxiety and jitters. It helps the blood glucose levels stay within normal range and return back to baseline by the lunch time.
  • Potato chips: we all are addicted to it. A handful before meals gives us the calorie pack that we need to get till the meal times. But make sure you try your hands on the baked ones and preferably homemade ones.
  • Tangerines: these luscious fruits are packed with the goodness of high fiber that helps us keeping full and also a great substitute when we are fiber deficient or not getting enough fiber through our regular meals.
  • Almonds: the benefits of eating almonds are numerous. A perfect pre-meal snack is good for those who are trying to manage their weight. It helps keep hunger pranks away, by keeping you fuller for longer. Ensure that you chew them nicely as it will allow to absorb more nutrients like the vitamin E. Have it in any form, it works.

Its time when you should act now. Help yourself towards a change. Food is the fuel for our body and if we put the wrong fuel in our body it will do no good but will destroy our body. Start a healthy eating habit as it makes your life enjoyable and healthy.

By: Sheela Seharawat

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