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Heart Treatment: Alternative to stents

In the recent days a lot of doubts have been created about stents – excessive cost, unnecessary use and dubious quality. More than 6 lacs stents have been implanted in the year 2016 netting a Rs. 6000 crore extra/ill gotten money to the cardiologists and heart Hospitals. The excess of anything ultimately gets caught. The Government took a decision to reduce the cost of stents by 85%. Even after this it will still make money for the heart hospitals.

“Heart disease occurs because of excess fats in the food, lack of exercise, tobacco consumption, non control of BP, Diabetes, Obesity and excessive stress. The fats called Cholesterol and Tryglyceries – if excess in blood keep on depositing inside the heart tubes over the years. Heart patients remain unaware about these blocks till it reaches 70-80% stage – because heart requires only 20-30% of its blood supply. By the time the symptoms appear the blocks have reached 80% or more. Then only the heart patients reach the hospitals and cardiologists make the kill and put expensive stents. The patients , even after the stenting, carry on with the same lifestyle and reblock the stents – thus the next stents are put. Then what may be the ideal solution?” Said Bimal Chhajer Founder and Director  Saaol Heart Center, Lucknow

According to Dr Chhajer “The best alternative is Lifestyle training of the heart patients and education of them. Most of the heart patients are medically illiterate – they need to know about Cholesterol, Triglycerides, the correct dose of exercise, stress management skills, Yoga to prevent heart disease, ways and means to control Diabetes, high BP, overweight. If they are in advanced stage they need optimum medical management also. “


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