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Herbal Remedies for Hay Fever

hay fever

People who are sensitive to the harvesting season because of the pollens present in the air can try some of the best and natural herbal remedies for hay fever.

Drink Fenugreek Seed Tea

Drink 2 to 3 cups daily that will help to prevent congestion and irritation of the sinuses and nasal passages. If you are suffering from chronic hay fever, then you must drink fenugreek tea that can help prevent the infection of the upper respiratory tract.

Eat more and more of ginger and garlic

Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory that will help the reduce the symptoms of hay fever. Garlic is an ingredient that contains various anti-biotic properties which can help prevent sinus congestion.

Eat beeswax and local honey or fresh honeycomb

You need a local beekeeper to get raw honey from them. You can consume it all around the year or months prior to the hay fever season. You can also take a piece of honeycomb it should be the size of a 20-cent piece and consume it twice each day. Consuming it on daily basis will help decrease your sensitivity to pollens and block antibodies.

Modify your diet

Seasonal hay fever is triggered by the air-borne pollens. Ragweed pollen is the most common contributor. You can also have cucumbers, melons, zucchinis that share a common allergen with ragweed. Even if you eliminate some specific foods from your diet then it will help reduce the severity of hay fever and the sensitivity to ragweed. Eating tomatoes and carrots can help the severity of grass pollens that can solve problems related to hay fever.

Rose Water

Because of its drying and anti-inflammatory properties,it provides a soothing effect on the skin. Rose water prepared at home can be used or consumed internally as a tincture, you can even use a drop of rosewater or spray on the face and in the eyes that will further help you to get relief from inflammation and itching.

Things to avoid when suffering from Hay Fever

  • Avoid jumping into chlorinated swimming pool

The chlorine by-products can aggravate the symptoms of hay fever. Therefore, swimming in salt water can work wonders for treating the sinuses.

  • Try nasal irrigation

You can use salty and warm water to rinse the sinuses through nasal inhalation that will effectively reduce the symptoms of hay fever. You can do his by using neti-pot which can help to pour the warm saline solution into the nostril and into each nostril put two drops daily.

  • Take nettle extract

You can use fresh nettle juice or use dried nettle leaves (if you combine one tablespoon of grape juice or other kind of juice). It is a natural antihistamine for treating the problem of hay fever.

  • Maintain dust-free surroundings

Dust mites can lead to hay fever so keep your surroundings neat and clean in which you live. Chronic sufferers should remove or frequently wash or change their quilts, pillows and carpets.

Any Herbal Remedy for Hay Fever will help to soothe your symptom of hay fever. Months prior to the beginning of the harvesting season you must try these herbal remedies for hay fever. Though it won’t immediately show results but definitely when it does it would heal you overall.

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