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Here’s How KENT ALPS Took Care of My Family’s Health During Smog

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A few days back all news channels were flooded with news showing how smog deteriorated air quality in Delhi and nearby places. Yes, smog can deteriorate our health by causing problems including chest, lung or heart complaints. As the air outside is harmful filled with sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and PM10s during smog conditions, the prime objective is to make our home safe by making it 100% smog proof. A month back, when Smog spread everywhere, I was facing the same concern. Back of my mind I always had this worry that my family, including my children, are inhaling the harmful outside air. To take precautions, all my doors and windows were always on the ‘close-mode’. However, the indoor air quality showed no improvement. That’s when I googled about air purification and came across air purifier for home. My hopes got high, and I researched more and came across the best remedy- ‘KENT Alps Air Purifier’. All my worries just vanished in the air when I read its reviews. Laughing subtly to myself, thinking “How KENT Alps has even purified my worries, I instantly decided to bring it home and keep my family away from harmful effects of smog. Based on my experience, I have listed the amazing benefits of KENT air purifier for home that made smog proofing the house easy for me. Read on to know the amazing technology used by this air purifier!

Prevents Indoor Air Pollution

The most prominent benefit of installing KENT’s air purifier was that the indoor air became 99% pure. The entire credit for this 99% air purification goes to the top-class HEPA Technology from Japan. Due to this technology, the hazardous smog pollutants are efficiently removed by using a three-stage filtration mechanism of ‘Impact, Interception and Diffusion’ to trap pollutants. KENT Air Purifier works wonders in improving air by catching pollutants such as dust mites, tobacco smoke, pollen, mould spores and pet dander that are larger than 0.3 microns.

Improves Air Freshness

Improving air quality and freshness is another quality of KENT Alps air purifier as it comes with an inbuilt ionizer for maintaining this function. How must you ask? The pollutants are literally forced to stick to the walls or trapped on the electrically charged collection plate near the ionizing unit. This is attributed to the negative ions released from the ionizer. The positive effect of this? Breathing fresh and healthy air every time. With this air purifier, I was 100% sure about the indoor air that my family was inhaling.

Intelligent Air Quality Monitoring

The intelligent air quality monitoring is attributed to the inbuilt sensor and LED display of KENT Alps Air Purifier. The sensor displays air quality in three colours- blue for excellent, pink for good, and red for poor. This helps in two ways. Firstly, to make sure the quality of air that we are breathing is absolutely clean. Secondly, to help identify when the filter needs change.

Odour Removal and Convenience

This KENT Alps air purifier efficiently removes pollutants such as PM 2.5 and even the ‘Suspended Particulate Matter’ present in the indoor air. At the same time, the activated carbon filter absorbs foul odour from the indoor air, again maintain air freshness indoors. This purifier is even ideal for office use, as it uses pedestal mode of installation, making it extremely convenient to use and install. It can be easily customised according to one’s requirements by adjusting its speed levels and timer function as well.

To Sum It Up!

With KENT Alps Air Purifier in my home, I am 100% sure about my family’s health while we are inside the house. I recommend that everyone who wants to maintain a breathable air inside during smog should bring this product home. You must give your family fresh air to breath. I am protecting my family with KENT Alps air purifier, and I think you should too!

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