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Hey, the strongest and most b’ful creation of the earth…be

 brave, NVR gv up. Live life on your own terms!! Treat yourself as a human being not to be treated as an object by others

Today is International women’s day. Before wishing it, let me ask you certain questions.

Are you a human being? Yes or no? The sound is yes….o really! If really you are a human being, stop treating yourself as an object. You are not born to make others happy. Stop believing in the scriptures that say woman is the doorway to hell or heaven or whatever…hey beautiful lady, you are not here to sacrifice your wishes, your dreams, your happiness. You are an immortal soul. This is your real identity. Don’t think you are a female gender. The moment you completely accept about your real identity as an enlightened soul, that moment you will strive to attain absolute happiness within yourself. You will stop judge yourself and you will not let others to judge you.

You have already given litmus test of your character when you played the role of Sita. No need to feel ashamed of your virginity on the special occasion of your life.

Hey, bful or simple lady, you have full right to enjoy your life with all sorts of happiness and comforts you deserve. No need to take approval from others. One thing the most important, female is the female’s enemy, as the saying goes. Let’s reverse it. Be the female’s best friends. Especially all grand maa and elder ladies, kindly stop imposing your suppressed suppressions on your daughters ans daughter in laws. You have lived your life in 16th century in different scenario, it doesn’t mean your younger generation will also lead their lives in 16th century. Don’t keep fanning your ego. Withdraw all the rotten thoughts of slavery and the ideas of ideal woman from the deepest core of your soul.

You are potentially endowed with all the possible factors to raise your value and identity as a strong specie of this earth. Cross all the limits of society and prisons of mindsets that used to hinder your growth and happiness.

Stop searching the validity and certificates of your character and learnings from others. You are your dean in your own university of life.

Stop worrying about the criteria, opinions, thoughts of others. Live your life on our own terms!! Love yourself so much that all the negative insulting energies will be afraid to come near by you.

Celebrate your feminity, womanhood every day. Salute yourself each second being the most transformative force of this universe.#Archana Gautam Raulo

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