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High Court denies stay on Tipu jayanti celebrations

A plea was filed in the Karnataka High Court seeking a stay on the celebrations of the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan. This is scheduled to be held across the Karnataka state on November 10. However, the court has refused to provide a stay on the jayanti celebrations of Tipu Sultan. The plea had argued that Tipu Sultan was a monarch and any type of celebration related to him would be doing injustice to a democratic setup. The petition, K P Manjunath, also pointed out that Tipu jayanti celebrations had resulted in communal violence in 2015. He produced various historical records that show that Tipu had killed thousands of Kodavas when he was the king. The Kodavas are the local people in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. Manjunath also said that Tipu had forced many people to convert to Islam during his rule.

Manjunath said that Tipu was a dictator and an invader and a democratic state should not glorify him. However, the state’s counsel said that Tipu should be celebrated since he had fought the British. However, this statement did not impress the court. The court said that Tipu was just defending his kingdom and he was not a freedom fighter. The court said that Tipu would have fought any invading army and the mere fact that he was fighting the British does not make him a freedom fighter. Despite the court not convinced about the arguments given by the state’s counsel, the court refused to stay the Tipu jayanti celebrations, as it felt that such things are within the purview of the state government.

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