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High-Tech Bridge launches ImmuniWeb® partner program

The ImmuniWeb® Partner Program offers the opportunity to add ImmuniWeb® on-demand web application penetration testing service to a security portfolio.

Geneva, March 05, 2015Swiss IT security company High-Tech Bridge has announced the launch of a global partner program for the company’s award-winning on-demand web security assessment service – ImmuniWeb®. The new program offers a unique sales opportunity for partners looking to increase revenue by offering an innovative security service that combines automated and manual penetration testing infour fixed price packages.

Partners will be able to offer their customers a web application security assessment service that guarantees zero false positives as ImmuniWeb is a hybrid security assessment that combines a highly-sophisticated automated assessment with manual penetration testing performed by IT security experts. Thanks to the human element in the service, High-Tech Bridge is the only company in the web security assessment SaaS sector that guarantees zero false-positives in an assessment report, which is manually written for each customer.

ImmuniWeb partners will be able to offer their clients four pay-as-you-go security assessment packages depending on the size and complexity of the web apps/website to be tested.

In comparison to other vendors, ImmuniWeb provides a personalized action-based solution fix for every detected security vulnerability and weakness. ImmuniWeb’s efficiency outperforms the competition, while its simplicity allows even non-technical people to order and schedule a manual website penetration test in five minutes. ImmuniWeb is already used by both private and public sector organisations, and has been adopted as part of the UN International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) toolset for ensuring that the governmental websites of ITU Member States are secure. ImmuniWeb is also certified as CVE and CWE compatible.

The program is focused on the needs of partners within the website security market including, but not limited to:

  • Web hosting companies and data centres
  • Domain registrars
  • IT and IT security consulting companies
  • Security distributors and resellers
  • Web application and development firms
  • Cloud and Managed Service Providers
  • Financial auditors and risk managers

High-Tech Bridge will be road-showing ImmuniWeb at World Hosting Days, 24 -26 March, 2015 in Rust, Germany.

Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge’s CEO and Chief Architect of ImmuniWeb, comments: “We believe that our partners will be able to grow their businesses with our service – it’s unique, innovative and answers a real market need. We are already in talks with leading international consultancies and hosting providers for them to incorporate ImmuniWeb into their security portfolios, and are now looking to extend our partner base globally.”

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