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High-Tech Bridge launches three new ImmuniWeb ethical hacking services

Cloud-based security services prevent problems before they occur, providing SMBs, private individuals and corporates with a much-needed  antidote to web attacks

Geneva, November 27, 2013, Following the success of it ImmuniWeb® SMB cloud-based web vulnerability scanning and penetration testing service, IT security company, High-Tech Bridge has announced the launch of three new servicesImmuniWeb® Express, ImmuniWeb® Corporate and ImmuniWeb® Corporate Pro.

A unique combination of manual penetration testing and an automated security assessment, ImmuniWeb’s hybrid approach significantly reduces the rate of false-negatives and totally eliminates false-positives in website vulnerability assessment reports.

The three new services will help organisations of all sizes accurately discover and quickly resolve web application vulnerabilities, even the most complicated and risky ones such as website defacement, infection with malware, or inclusion in various blacklists, through expert third party ethical hacking.

The three new services are:

ImmuniWeb Express is a decision making tool for companies of all sizes. It is a rapid assessment of the most critical vulnerabilities.

Ideal for medium and large corporate websites, ImmuniWeb Corporate provides a sophisticated assessment that reveals highly-complicated vulnerabilities which automated solutions cannot detect.

ImmuniWeb Corporate Pro offers users a longer, more in-depth assessment so is perfect forlarger, critical web applications.

Features of all services include:

  • Ability to manage the entire vulnerability assessment service online
  • Manual penetration testing by experienced auditors
  • Sophisticated 360° automated scanning
  • Online reputation and privacy check-up
  • Zero false-positives in report guaranteed

For ImmuniWeb SMB, Corporate and Corporate Pro, a customised solution for each vulnerability is also part of the service.

Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge and ImmuniWeb’s chief architect, comments: “I wanted to create an efficient and cost-effective penetration testing service that anyone, regardless of his or her technical skills, company size and geographical location, could easily customize and order within minutes. A penetration testing service report should be actionable and well-written, with detailed solutions for each vulnerability that are specifically tailored for the customer’s technical and business needs. We managed to create such a service with ImmuniWeb.

Now by introducing four distinct categories of ImmuniWeb, we have given even more flexibility to existing and potential customers, whoever they are – small businesses and individuals, or multinational companies and financial institutions.”

Each of the four ImmuniWeb assessments provides benefits that traditional web security testing tools do not have, including penetration testing performed by experienced security auditors and web security experts, easy-to-understand and actionable reports with customised recommendations, written by a person not a machine, plus 24/7 availability and the ability to pay and order the services online in just five minutes.

Kolochenko concludes: “Our vision is to deliver cutting-edge web penetration testing world-wide to everyone who is looking for efficient protection against hackers. The web security market is growing and we will follow, thanks to our internal resources allowing us to handle all of the customers that come to us for reliable protection.”

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