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High tide claims 8 lives at Wayri beach in Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra

Ignoring warning signs proved costly for eight students, when they drowned in the sea today off Wayri coast in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The students were from the Maratha Engineering College in Belgaum and they had come to the beach on a picnic. Altogether, they were a group of 47 students, many of whom decided to take a dip in the sea. It was high tide and the local people had warned them about venturing deep into the sea. However, many of them ignored the warning and went deep into the sea.

Due to high tide, the water current started to pull them in, which resulted in the drowning of 8 students. The eight who died included three girls. Three more students were drowning, but they were saved by local fishermen. Others managed to swim back to safety. The three students who were saved have been admitted in a nearby hospital and the condition of one of them is said to be critical. The incident yet again highlights the risk of venturing into the sea without taking adequate safety precautions.

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