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Highest paying tech jobs for the youth today in India

The technological sector seems to have been ruling the era of the 21st century. However, in recent times, technology has expanded from just one to two fields with minimal job offers to a vast number of fields with an enormous number of jobs to offer. No matter how demanding the jobs in the tech field are, there is certainly gradation of salary depending upon the nature of the job performed. Let us have a look at some of the highest paid tech jobs for the youth of India.

  1. Software Engineering Manager: The Software Engineering Managers are considered to be the highest paid professionals in the field of technology. Their nature of job demands of them to lead a whole team to develop a certain goal that will ultimately help in testing and researching the company’s software. Not only in the field of software technology but in any other fields considered, this is one of the most important jobs to be performed.
  2. Python Developer: Python language being one of the most demanded in recent times has developed various job opportunities for the ones expert in the language. The Python developers are considered to be one of the highest paid software engineers in the technological market.
  3. Business Intelligence Analyst: The Business Intelligence Analysts must have to be frequent with the knowledge of database technology, analytics, and reporting tool. These jobs are offered mainly to the candidates having a proper degree in computer science, information systems, and engineering. The job pays highly depending upon your area of expertise.
  4. Data Warehouse Architect: A Data Warehouse Architect has to be trained in various skills to do his job. As the nature of the job entirely depends on the data warehouse development stage that the company may be currently in. A Data Warehouse Architect mainly sees the data provided by the company and analyses it. Their job is not only limited to be having the technical knowledge but also to have some idea about political management as they time and again have to communicate with the employees of various departments to ensure the satisfaction of their job.
  5. The holders of AWS certification: The web services of Amazon have gained quite an enormous amount of reputation in recent times. Therefore, the youth interested in the field of software engineering is flocking towards having an AWS certification. All the way from SysOps Administrator to an architect of solutions, there are various job opportunities with a handsome amount of salary.

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