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Hindutva critic senior journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead outside her home in Bengaluru

Newspatrolling: In a worrying development, senior journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead today at her house in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. The police said that Gauri was coming out of her car and she wanted to open the gate of her house. This is the time when some unidentified men confronted her and shot her. The shooters escaped after firing the shots. The shots wounded her fatally as it had punctured her chest and penetrated her heart. She was killed on the spot, the police said. Gauri was the daughter of writer, translator and journalist P Lankesh. She used to write articles in both English and Kannada and was a strong critic of the right wing ideology. The way she was killed today brings back horrifying memories of the time when another rationalist MM Kalburgi was killed in a similar manner around two years back.

Gauri Lankesh was hugely critical of the Hindutva brigade. She has been accused of defamation and has been convicted as well in two earlier cases. The two defamation cases were filed by Dharwad BJP MP Prahallad Joshi and BJP leader Umesh Dhushi in their individual capacity. Both leaders had objected to a report on BJP leaders that Lankesh had published in her periodical on January 23, 2008. Lankesh’s brother Indrajit has demanded that the case should be given to the CBI since Lankesh had several defamation cases against her.

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