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Hitler’s painting featured in art exhibition for first time; described as “piece of s***”

In an art exhibition that seeks to explore the link between art and madness, a museum in northern Italy has featured an oil painting made by Hitler. This is the first time this painting made by Hitler has been featured in Italy. The painting was unveiled at Museo Di Salo in Lombardy. The painting by Hitler has been described as a “piece of s***” by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi. Sgarbi is the one who has organized this special art exhibition in Italy. The painting by Hitler was provided by a private German collector, who had loaned it to the museum for a short time for exhibition purposes.

Describing the painting as a “piece of s*** aesthetically”, Sgarbi said that it reveals the twisted personality of Hitler. He said that there’s absolutely no grandeur in the painting, and if anything that it has, it is pure misery. The painting by Hitler is ill-tempered and exudes a sense of haunting. The painting has two morose-looking men, one of whom is sitting on a table and the other is standing. The background depicts a long corridor, and it appears that the two men are guarding the corridor.

Hitler’s painting is among the 200 artworks that have been featured at the ‘Museum of Madness’ exhibition in Italy.

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