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  • Director Digital Economy, Rubén Pérez squire,   highlighted the growth potential of e-commerce in Spain, which will be represented in FICOD 2014, under eShow Madrid 2014.
  • FICOD supports eShow Madrid 2014 as the main meeting point of the latest national and international trends in e-commerce, online marketing, social media and mobile, which also will be prominently featured in the new edition of FICOD paper.
  • Director of Communications and External Relations, Teresa Cruz, presented the “Award for Best FICOD digital content company” to Hitsbook a viral video marketing company.

Madrid, October 9, 2014 – Ruben Perez squire, director of Digital Economy, 2014 FICOD entity organizer, said during his presentation at eShow 2014, the sixth edition of the International Digital Content Forum is a unique opportunity to value national digital content industry, which includes all sectors represented in eShow 2014 to connect entrepreneurs with investors, promote talent and show oriented training offer new digital professions.

FIC eShow OD is present in 2014, to support the digital transformation of the company through improved Internet presence and positioning, the adoption of technological solutions that improve customer relationships and opening new sales channels online . Rubén Pérez stressed that the growing number of Internet buyers and buying mobility are driving e-commerce in Spain, which already ranks as the fourth European power.

Rubén Pérez recalled that this sixth edition of FICOD, to be held from 2 to 4 December 2014 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid, is a must for all professionals in advertising and digital marketing, e-commerce, mobile applications, social networks, e-learning, audio, music, video games, publications and technology products and services for digital content.

FICOD 2014 have four distinct areas: FICOD Congress, which will feature national and international top-level speakers; FICOD Industry, where we can find the Spanish companies with the greatest potential in the field of digital content and where networking is encouraged. FICOD Talent, which will bring together leading schools in the country to offer full training available for professionals in the future and finally, FICOD Financing, where entrepreneurs seeking financing with investors may be looking for interesting projects.

T he Director of Digital Economy, also participated in one of the master classes with business leaders, called The Internet Leaders. Rubén Pérez introduced Giuseppe Tamola, country manager in Italy and Spain of Zalando, specializing in e-commerce, and industry-leading company. FICOD have among its salient thematic role of e-commerce in the new international economy.

Hitsbook received the “Award for Best FICOD digital content company” during the Gala Awards the eShow (eAwards) held in New Garamond Madrid. Director of Communications and External Relations, Teresa Cruz, presented the award to this startup “to help companies create their own viral marketing video campaign in an easy, fast and affordable way.” The CEO and founder of Hitsbook, Juan José Artero, and strategic advisor, Paul Galiana, exclusively told us that they have launched a new product called #yopiensoque for creating videos about the trending topics most powerful country. With over 40,000 users, Hitsbook has become one of the startupswith the greatest of Europe thanks to a video-active content creator and broadcaster generated by the user community.



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