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Hizbul terrorist Musa tells Muslims to launch jihad against gau rakshaks

Zakir Musa, the radical terrorist who recently broke ties with militant group Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) over some difference, has told Muslims in India to launch jihad against gau rakshaks (cow protectors). Musa’s message is being circulated through an audio recording on social media platforms. It could not be established if the audio is authentic, but the voice appears quite like earlier messages that were confirmed to be that of Musa. It may be recalled that Musa was once considered to be the successor of terrorist leader Burhan Wani, who was killed by security forces last year. Musa had recently severed ties with HM over some differences with the policies of the terror group.

The audio clip tries to incite Muslims by making provocative statements, for example, “See how much blood is being spilt in the name of gau raksha.” In another instance, the voice in the audio clip says, “We will take revenge for every atrocity. Muslims of India, there is still time to emerge. Form groups and do jihad against these kafirs (infidels). Show these gau rakshaks what it means being a Muslim. Learn from your history.” It may be recalled that Musa wants to establish Shariah in Kashmir. “This war is not of Kashmir only. This war is between Islam and infidelity…We will establish Shariah not only in India but in the whole world,” Musa said.

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