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Hockey India demands apology from Pakistan before any new matches

In a statement, Hockey India (HI) has announced its decision that it will not play any bilateral series against Pakistan unless the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) apologizes for the bad conduct of its players during the FIH Champions Trophy 2014. Hockey India said that the apology must be unconditional and should be made available in writing.


HI’s demand for apology has been issued after Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) Secretary Shahbaz Ahmed accused the Indian federation for taking revenge. Ahmed said that they were denied visas to participate in the 2016 Junior World Cup in Lucknow, just because of the 2014 incident in Bhubaneswar’s Kalinga Stadium. Responding to this accusation, Hockey India said that it was PHF that had failed to complete the visa formalities for its team. It was to be done 60 days prior to the start of the tournament, as stipulated by the Government of India, but PHF failed to do so.

“It is a shame that the PHF has again raised the issue of the misbehavior of the Pakistan hockey team during the FIH Champions Trophy in 2014 as an excuse and opportunity to blame Hockey India for their own incompetence that resulted in the Pakistan team not participating in the Hockey Junior World Cup 2016,” HI Spokesman R.P. Singh said in a statement.

“In light of this and the perpetual lies told by PHF to blame others for their own inefficiencies, HI has again taken the decision to not play any bilateral series against Pakistan unless they submit an unconditional regret in writing for the lewd and unprofessional behavior of the Pakistan team during the FIH Champions Trophy 2014 and their habit of telling perpetual lies to media regarding HI,” he added.

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