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Hollywood actor Michael Corbett Shannon is fulfilling his topmost duty in real life

SannonMichael Corbett Shannon who is an American actor and musician, made his film debut opposite Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Now days he is playing a very important role in real life. 42 years old star is fulfilling his duty of being a father in real life as he has two daughters Sylvia Shannon and Marion Shannon.

Shannon says, being a father is the most significant responsibility of his life and he making sure that he is fulfilling his job as a parent is the most important part of his life and he often puts his family above his work.

In an Interview with a leading portal Shannon said -“The responsibility that holds the most significance in my life is being a father. So, honestly, lots of those moments don’t happen on set. They happen in those brief periods where I actually get to go home and take the kids to school, pick them up, cook them dinner and put them to bed” .

Further he added, “I don’t really mind (playing small roles). The smaller the part, the quicker I get home to my kids. That’s the way I look at it. I’m more nervous about taking the big job and being away for a long time.”
Michael Shannon is also nominated for Actor in a Supporting Role for Oscars 2017. But he is the real hero of his daughters in his real life.
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