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Home-made facemasks to pamper yourself over the weekend

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Is it already Saturday and you having nothing to do? A busy bestie, no weekend treats, and of course the lazy feel to step out of the house after a busy week; are you going to spend such a boring weekend? Bring it on for a perfect Saturday and pamper your week-long ignored skin this weekend. So, while you order your favorite food and switch on a TV series prepare some simple, quick yet very effective face masks out of the ingredients in the kitchen.

  1. Clear your pores with oatmeal mask:

Transform your dull, tanned, and dry skin into a bright, glowing one within a few minutes. The magic of oatmeal on your skin will absolutely leave you stupefying!

  • Warm half a cup of water and add one-third oatmeal to it
  • Let the mixture sit for 2-3 min
  • Add honey, yoghurt and egg white(by choice)
  • Apply it and use warm water to rinse after 15-20 min

Oatmeal is open up your clogged pores and blemishes. It clears your skin as if you had a spa right away.

  1. Look younger and no older with banana mask!

Banana is a stupendous moisturizer and leaves your skin as soft as a feather after use. Here’s how you can use:

  • Grind a ripe or over-ripe medium sized banana
  • Add a few drops of honey or yoghurt
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder can be appended as well
  • Apply a smooth layer of your face and neck

With an anti-wrinkle property, banana tightens up the skin. Add a shine to the face with this mask.

  1. A complete spa at home with yoghurt:

The benefits of yoghurt are known to the mankind since the age of the Egyptians. Yoghurt is a plethora of antioxidants, essential nutrients, and good bacteria; a composition works like a magic wand on your skin.

  • Beat yoghurt into a smooth paste
  • Add a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of rose water
  • Alternatively, you can out rice flour to improve consistency
  • Apply, sit back and relax
  • Scrub gently to remove the mask and wash with normal water

The yoghurt is a one product facial package that you may avail at any parlor. Add a zing to your beauty and revitalize the skin.

  1. The essence of strawberry on skin:

Strawberries are a treasure of all the nutrients that your skin demands. So, let you skin taste the sweetness of strawberry too.

  • Mash few ripe strawberries
  • Add a few drops of honey and lemon juice
  • Or, you can mix yoghurt, a little almond oil and the matter of Vitamin E capsule
  • Apply and let the wholesomeness seep into the skin

The best part of using strawberry mask is that you can refrigerate it if not using.

  1. Moisturize with milk:

Raw milk is an excellent ingredient of a perfect face mask for the people with dry skin. Follow the steps to condition your skin in a natural way this weekend for awestriking outcomes.

  • Take a spoonful of raw milk
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice
  • Apply the mixture and let it absorb into the skin

Love your skin even more and try any one of these lazy DIY face masks as you enjoy your favorite show or take a nap during the extended week. Let your friends wonder about what treatment you chose this weekend to transfigure into such a radiating goddess.

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