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Homeopathy – An effective form of alternative medicine

Assert Scientists at Global Summit

  • Global summit shows path-breaking research
  • Homeopathic hope for HIV, MDR-TB, Cancer, Hemophilia, swine flu
  • Scientists from IIT-B, ICMR, TIFR, BARC, Haffkine, ICT present papers
  • Global Homeopathy Foundation hosts summit, dispels apprehension in a section, including some media 

INDIA, April 11, 2015: Seeking to dispel the myth and disinformation by a section that ‘homeopathy is a humbug’ and that it has only a placebo effect, the Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF) today kick-started its two-day summit with scientists and practitioners from India and abroad presenting their research papers to demonstrate that the steam of medicine offers possible cure for a host of diseases like cancer, AIDS, swine flu, MDR-TB.

Addressing the World Homeopathy Summit, researchers said they have already found that snake venom and human immunodeficiency virus could provide answers for treatment of AIDS and the tuberculosis germs for curing MDR-TB, while patients of several other diseases like cancer and swine flu could find hopes in homeopathy medicines.

The Central Council for Research in Homeopathy (CCRH), a premium government body under AYUSH, is the collaborator with GHF for the summit at which scientists from eminent institutes of pure science such as IIT-B, ICMR, TIFR, BARC, Haffkine, ICT, and Bose also be presented their study reports.

“The summit should bring about a paradigm shift in the way the world looks at homeopathy and shock even some practicing homeopaths who believed that the medicines had some energy effect,” said Dr Rajesh Shah, organising secretary of the Foundation.

Research by doctors at the Hyderabad-based JSPS Govt. Homeopathic Medical College, and Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) Hyderabad, showed that Homeopathic medicine from snake venom, Crotalus Horridus, has positively shown that it can arrest the multiplication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Prof. Dr Praveen Kumar, Head of Department of Practice of Medicine at JSPS College at Hyderabad said scientifically speaking, Crotalus Horridus has inhibited reverse transcriptase or RT – an enzyme which is utilized by viruses like HIV and Hepatitis-B to convert the viral RNA into viral DNA so that they multiply into billions and wreck patients.

“Our experiment entails that the homeopathic drug has the capacity to act on HIV, Heb-B and so on,” he said: “our work has certainly opened the floodgates of advanced research and clinical testing.”

For years, Homeopathy has been adapting the process of converting snake venom and poison from deadly scorpions, spiders and wild bees into medicinal substances by transforming them into nano-particles that have proved safe and effective for patients, Dr Shah pointed out.

“As a virologist, I was surprised to learn that homeopathy also sources medicines from virus, bacteria and parasites, long before microbiology was fully developed,” remarked Dr Abhay Chaudhary, Director Haffkine Institute, which also makes polio vaccine in India.

Dismissing the critics’ view point that homeopathy medicines in high dilutions have just a placebo effect and that they are medicines without a medicine, a research has proved that they do contain nano-particles of the starting material. The study by Dr.E.S.Rajendran, MD(Hom), Director of Vinayaka  Missions Homeopathic Medical college, Salem, done at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) of the Indian Institute of Science (IIS), has conclusively proved that homeopathy dilutions contain nanoparticles.

“It’s an era of pluralistic healthcare. No System is complete. Homeopathy is personalized medicine and Homeopaths are the first technocrats in medicine in terms of use of computer software and Mac in early times for their analysis. Allopathy has scope only for 40% diseases which are mostly infectious and nutritional diseases. MUHS is going to volunteer meta analysis in Homeopathy. Human genes has memory of health and diseases and homeopathy helps to decode this information,” says Dr. Arun Jamkar, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS).

Italian microbiologist Paolo Bellavite has demonstrated the mechanism of action of mysterious homeopathic medicines on cells, animals and bacteria. With this, Homeopathy, after 220 years of its invention, finds its mechanism of action. Prof Bellavite, who has published over 50 research-based papers in international journals, proves how ultra-dilute, homeopathy medicines work in human cells, in a breakthrough research.

Swine flu may have preventive homeopathy, researcher in Brazil proves found in his research. Scientist from Brazil University conducted a study and proved the role of homeopathy medicine sourced from influenza virus itself, to prevent the disease. This study along with Mumbai-based Dr Rajesh Shah’s experiment with HIV, Hepatitis C and TB germs will open new avenues in the treatment of infectious diseases.

Interestingly, physicists at TIFR and BARC detected the energy particles’ effect in homeopathy using laser beams and electrical device. These studies change the perception about the nature of homeopathy medicines, which was earlier believed to be pure energy.

Researchers in Brazil, Italy and India show that homeopathy also found to work in animals and plants, apart from humans. Independent studies by scientists like  molecular biologist Dr AR Khuda-Bukhsha (india), Dr Leoni Bonamin, (Brazil), Dr Paolo Bellavite, Dr Gaurisankar Sa (india) proved that homeopathic medicines work even on cell-line models.

A chemist from IIT-B, and a physicist from IICT (Indian Institute of Chemical Technology), in independent studies demonstrated nano-particles in ultra-diluted homeopathic medicines. Both the scientists, along with other 23 from various universities, will present their latest research.

A pharmacologist Dr Sadhana Sathaye at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, along with Dr Shah demonstrated in an animal research that the homeopathic medicines not only have anti-inflammatory effects, but they could be as effective or even more in animals.

Austrian molecular biologist Dr Michael Frass and Indian Scientist Dr Gaurisankar Sa have proved anti-cancer activities of homeopathy in laboratory experiments on cell-lines, outside human body. Dr Gaurisankar also demonstrated the regression of cancer in rats after giving homeopathy medicines. “Homeopathy lagged behind due to lack of scientific research, but now with the result of the past ten-year research will prove to be a game changer,” said Dr Shah.

The research by Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), National Institute of Immuno Hematology (NIIH) and Dr Tapas Kundu, showed that homeopathy demonstrated positive results in patients of Hemophilia – a deadly blood disease that leads to uncontrolled bleeding that cannot be managed with regular medicines.

The summit also focused on the need to integrate both the systems of medicine to meet challenges posed by various diseases because mono-therapy may not work for all patients.

GHF, founded by a group of homeopathic activists with the mission of spreading the benefits of homeopathy to the masses across the world, is a non-government non-profit making group. Its objectives include: to work for the growth of the science so that homeopathy could benefit those suffering from various ailments and to support the professionals to be able to serve the society well.

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