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HOSPITALIA BY YARA is the latest business project from young entrepreneur Yara Jamil Salman. This project arose from Yara’s passion for health and beauty;it isher latest project since the last successful one, YARA BEAUTY LOUNGE, located in Amwaj Islands.HOSPITALIA BY YARA has made sure to bring together the greatest doctors from Western countries with the expertise and professionalism that people seek to have their patientstreated.

Moreover, this project will introduce Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which is the only one in the private sector in Bahrain. This therapy enables the person to breathe pure oxygen in the pressure chamber. This treatment is considered successful for many diseases and health problems such as: diabetes, autism, vascular air embolism, brain injuries, sports injuries.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is performed after plastic surgery and after any surgery for healing the wounds.In the compressed oxygen therapy chamber, air pressure increases three times higher than normal atmospheric pressure. In this situation, your lungs can collect more pure oxygen thanin normal air pressure. The blood carries this oxygen throughout the whole body to enhance natural immunity up to 15 times, which helps fight bacteria and activates the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which also enhances healing.The process will be very simple and easy by the presence of the global hyperbaric oxygen therapist Dr. DuskoMisevic, who has spent 30 years in the field of high-pressure medicine.

HOSPITALIA BY YARA includes also the first robotic pharmacy in the Middle East, FARMACIA BY YARA.

The introductory offer is a free comprehensive consultation in the field of air pressure therapy

Phone +973 17811111

Follow HOSPITALIA BY YARA on Instagramthrough the following account @hospitaliabyyara to find the latest updates.

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