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Hottest Mangalsutra designs that you need to know about!


Mangalsutra, when literally translated, means “an auspicious thread”. This holy thread is tied by the Hindu groom around the neck of his bride on the wedding day. Made with black beads, this two stringed necklace has a pendant as its center piece. Most North Indian weddings are incomplete without a Mangalsutra. But it should be noted in this respect, that Mangalsutra were not always meant for every bride. In the past, they were signs of the caste system. But TV soaps and Bollywood movies showcased them in a way that they have today become fashionable items for the married Indian women.

Today, Mangalsutras have ascended beyond the caste barriers or religious rituals. Now, they are seen as fashion statements. And keeping that in mind, the designs and makes of the modern day Mangalsutras have undergone a massive change. By wearing a Mangalsutra you appear fashionable and stay rooted to the traditions. Online jewelry stores of the times are filled with designs and styles of Mangalsutra. So, if you want to buy one for yourself, here are some of the trending designs to watch out for.

Floral Mangalsutras

The diamond studded Mangalsutras with floral designs are the most popular type at present. Coming with usual black beads, the real deal for such necklaces is its artistic center piece. Women just don’t seem to have enough of such a design.

Ruby embedded Mangalsutras

If you want to experiment with Mangalsutra and want to be adventurous at that, then this is the type of design to opt for. With the black beads attending to your traditional needs, the Ruby sitting at the center of the pendant gives the necklace a colorful and vibrant touch. Your neck becomes the center of attraction after wearing this Mangalsutra.

Star studded Mangalsutras

These are definitely not meant for everyday wear. They are too good for daily use. Try them on when you are attending a party or any traditional event. A large diamond forms the heart of this Mangalsutra and it is surrounded by a stylish pendant as well. It is the perfect collaboration of style and the tradition.

Simple and Traditional Mangalsutras

With the wardrobes of Indian women undergoing a change from the sarees to the blazers and trousers, Mangalsutra designs have also undergone a change to accommodate this fashion sense. There are many designs that do not look odd with western outfits. While Mangalsutra still remains a symbol of origins and values, they have been stylized ideally to look good on any attire you wear.

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