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Houses of 30 Hindu families burnt by massive crowd in Bangladesh

In a tragic and horrifying incident, a massive crowd of people in Bangladesh has burnt around 30 houses of Hindu families. The incident occurred due to rumors that a member of the Hindu community has shared an offensive post about Prophet Mohammed on Facebook. The incident occurred in Thakurpara village, which is in Rangpur district, around 300 km from capital city Dhaka. The situation could have become worse if the police had not intervened. The police fired tear gas shells and rubber bullets to control the rampaging crowd. The police also had to open fire at the mob, which resulted in the death of one person. Around five people are also reported to have suffered bullet injuries. However, before the police had arrived, the mob had already burnt around 30 houses of Hindu families and vandalized and looted them.

The police have made several arrests in the incident and an investigation is underway. It has been reported that there was a massive crowd of 20,000 people who had gathered from various villages located nearby. With such a huge crowd, the police were finding it difficult to control the situation. A three-member inquiry committee has been set up to investigate the matter. The situation is still tense in the area, as the people are protesting against police action. The incident yet again shows that minority communities across the globe continue to be threatened and face a wide variety of challenges.

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