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How 3D Printing Is Changing The Face Of Digital Manufacturing


New advancements have been made in the 3D printing technology, to build complex objects with leading-edge accuracy in its color, shape, and finish. These technologies are much similar to the traditional offset 3D printer, though the results are overwhelming. Certain object modeling that was impossible with existing 3D printing systems will now be possible with the technology innovations. These technology additions will enable industries such as healthcare and engineering industry to improve efficiency in manufacturing complex objects that aren’t connected to other structures.

3D printing is used in these days by organizations to obtain autonomous, solid and crystal-clear and photorealistic objects using various materials. In this way, we can develop many complex objects and models that were once impossible with a 3D printer. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is a forthright approach on developing 3D objects layer by layer according to digital design input. 3D technology has been here since the 1980s, though it wasn’t affordable for most of the organization as it were large, expensive and moreover it was primarily used for industrial prototyping.

A Russian company, Apis Core has developed a 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours. The machine which is 4.5 meters long and 1.5 meters high and wide can be easily transported to sites using a crane. Natural Machines, a 3D printing company in food printing is the manufacturer of first 3D food printer to make various foods with fresh ingredients. There is a huge demand for 3D printing service in Coimbatore as it gets more affordable and accessible for manufacturers and individuals to get rapid prototyping done within a handful of hours.

Time and Effort Saving

3D printers can save lots of time and efforts in organizations when it comes to experimenting with new products and processes. Manufacturers are getting to embrace 3D printer enabled rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing for reducing the time-to-market for their products and replace the traditional/manual developing of concept modeling.

Manufacturing Innovation

3D printing has enabled manufacturers in industries such as automotive, healthcare, dentistry and food for constant innovation in their products and processes. Rapid prototyping technology has been instrumental in improving quality and accuracy and experiment advanced technologies for their products.


3D printing Technology has been significant for improving efficiency in product lifecycle and custom manufacturing processes. Other than rapid prototyping several companies are utilizing 3D printing in manufacturing processes, to reduce waste and enhance sustainability. Integrating manufacturing processes with a 3D printer will help companies for constant improvements on the product and come up with sustainable solutions in the market.

Product Personalization

As 3D printers functions upon digital data, it will become easy for manufacturers to personalize their products for unique customers needs. The technology would be influential for organizations to come up with more customer-centric products and solutions with less time and efforts.

3D printing has emerged as a major breakthrough for several industries to overcome challenges in manufacturing processes and custom services. It has proven to be effective in avoiding delays in production lifecycles and improve quality of products.

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