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How About Protecting Your Hearts This Valentine’s Day?How About Protecting Your Hearts This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a day when we celebrate love. Chocolates and roses are swell as gifting options,but if you are still confused about choosing the right gift for your better half, this Valentine’s Day protect their heart with the gift of a comprehensive heart care plan. Because securing the heart could be one of the best decisions you could ever make for your partner.

With deadlines at work, dining out, late nights, and early mornings, it’s very easy to miss out on focusing on your health. While the love in the relationship will keep the heart young, it is always wise to protect it against any uncertainties. Addressing this, Aviva Life Insurance offers the most thoughtful gift for your precious – ‘Aviva Heart Care’, which is as romantic as it gets because it urges couples to make a commitment to secure their hearts together.

When it comes to cardiac care, most health insurances fall short of covering our needs, as the cost of treating a heart illness often leaves our pockets lighter. The one of a kind heart care policy, Aviva Heart Care is a health policy for couples. It doesn’t just protect the heart of the insured, but also secures the heart of their partner at a nominal added premium. The policy extensively covers 19 cardiovascular conditions, and procedures ranging from mild to acute in severity. The benefit payout is over and above what you can claim from your regular medical insurance policy, and covers not just hospitalization but also other expenses arising after treatment. The special restore option gives you the benefit of continuation of the cover with all future premiums waived, even after you have made a claim.

Individuals in the age group from 28 to 65 years can take this policy which could be for a tenure of 10 years to 25 years. This is a like typical life insurance policy where an individual pays the premium for a predetermined tenure. The policy can also be topped up in the name of one’s spouse for a normal increase in premiums.

Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurancesaid, “Aviva Life Insurance has conceptualized – ‘Aviva Heart Care’ – to help people achieve their healthy heart goals, and encourage them to make health a priority for themselves and their spouses. Today, heart disease is striking at unlikely early ages and it is important to secure not just your heart but the heart of your loved one as well, as an unforeseen event may leave a huge dent on your savings. Aviva Heart Care is one such perfect option to secure you against the odds, allowing you to take the first step to a relatively stress-free life.”

Leading a healthy lifestyle seems to be quite a task these days. A hectic schedule filled with work commitments and family responsibilities can make taking time out for oneself demanding.So, this Valentine’s Day, take a break from your busy schedule to protect your heart, also make a conscious step to protect the heart of your loved ones.

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