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How amusement parks and theme parks are replacing the digital playrooms for kids?

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With the evolving of technology, the ways of entertainment and growth of the kids have also changed. From a time where residential parks and indoor games were the only choices to digital playrooms and now the modern amusement and theme parks – we have come a long way!

These amusement parks and theme parks are changing the face of creativity and dream world for the kids. There is no limitation to what the kids can experience while keeping an eye on their safety, learning and imaginations.

To break through the monotonous play routines and provide the kids with a rather inquisitive and nurturing environment, the modern day amusement and theme parks have come up. This gives them a break from the internet surfing that comes easy with the growing smartphones, tablets and ipad market. While the kids continue to experience a virtual world through these LED screen devices there is no physical activity or real ‘play’involved! And a modern amusement and theme park promises to bring forth a unique experience for the kids and the parents to challenge their thinking.

New age parents are always on a lookout for places and experiences where they can push their child to adapt new technology, grasp new methods of learning and explore what is in the books. But they too fall into the trap of technology creating mental and physical block. In this line the amusement and theme parks, although come with a fee, allow the kids to delve into the world of imagination and live glimpses of it in real. They bring together experiences of role-play activities, new tools and technology to unleash and run errands on fun rides! Least to say, they help your child indulge into a lot of physical, emotional and creative endeavor.

Most of the amusement parks and theme parks are activity centers designed with safe and smart tools to help a child learn. The entertainment theme park like Happy Planet introduces the child new a avariety of adventurous activities, a live experience of 100+ professions and their environments, and even a hand at some of the smart technologies built for child learning. These take the children away from the digital platforms and screen dwelling while creating a reality that is much more fulfilling and intriguing,

Over the years, as the needs of the child for entertainment have evolved so as the means to meet them too! Happy Planet proposes of keeping not just the children but parents engaged in new learning and challenges. And the fact that it all comes with a hint of fun is what makes them a hit!

By: Mr. Nimish Kenia, Co-Founder Happy Planet

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