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How can an employee tracking software help food and grocery delivery optimization?

employee tracking

In business one thing remains constant: “time is money”. But when your key service offering centers around door-to-door delivery of food and grocery, optimizing your employees’ (delivery executives here) potential could be a challenging task. There are many stores around the country who are delivering only 70% of their potential every day! And this means you are losing 30% of money making opportunities! Just imagine, the financial gains you could reap if your delivery executives were able to deliver timely to every customer! Standing in the present times, employee tracking software is the best tool to monitor, track and manage time of deliveries (as well as the delivery executives). This could be your key to business success. But, having said all this, you are still wondering how an employee tracking software could help you attain all these. So, here is how…

Benefits of Employee Tracking Software

  • Keep a track of delivery executives: It is a psychological thing, when the delivery executives know their deliveries are being monitored and timings noted, they will stay steadfast. It would send across a loud and clear message: there is no time to waste! This will automatically speed up your deliveries and lead to timely customer deliveries. Now, that is a dream every business owner has!
  • Synchronize deliveries better: Employee tracking software is not a vigilance drone, it is rather a helpful tool for the delivery executives as well. With the help of this software, businesses can schedule and synchronize the deliveries better. The delivery executive knows the task list and the schedule well before time. This helps in planning the day better!
  • Tracking across devices: In the past, employee tracking software came with its limitations. The delivery executives could not use it in real time. They had to depend on their desktop, situated at the office to end tasks. Not anymore, today’s software can be accessed across devices (desktop and mobiles alike) and they provide the delivery executives to fill in their delivery details (with proofs) as and when it is done. This helps the businesses optimize time better.
  • Quick Team performance analysis: The software helps you analyze the performance of the delivery team within a few minutes. With a neat dashboard, the software would tell you at a glance how many deliveries a specific employee has made, timeliness of the deliveries and may also include reviews by the customers. It could not be simpler than this.

So, what are you waiting for, gift your food and groceries delivery business a bright future with the modern day employee tracking software.

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