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How Can Charities Help Solve Poverty?

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It can be hard to know which charitable organization fights poverty and which of them you should be donating to. But thankfully, there are credible charity groups out there that are trying their hardest to eradicate extreme poverty just like us at SFAM.

It is true when they say that one person can’t change the world on their own. That’s why there are a vast number of non-profits that comprise of people from all over the globe that have assembled to put a stop to poverty as all together.

Here’s a list of 10 charities that combat poverty and have received 4-star overall ratings from well-known charity watchdog organization Charity Navigator:

1.  Concern Worldwide US

This is a non-government organization that has been working to the complete eradication of extreme poverty since its establishment in 1968. Their work, such as long-term development and emergency response, has been mostly concentrated on countries that are ranked in the bottom 40 according to the UN Human Development Report.

2.  K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations)

This is a large organization that improves the lives of those children that are living in poverty around the world. They provide those children with new toys, clothes, books as well as other materials and resources such as medical care and shelter. They also operate a great functioning business in that they spend 99.5% of their budget on programs, instead of administrative and fundraising overhead.

3.  SIGN Fracture Care International

A non-profit organization that works to provide orthopedic treatment to trauma victims in developing nations by training and equipping local surgeons. Proper treatment reduces the financial pressure that is placed on trauma victims and their families, giving them both hope and fiscal security.

4.  International Rescue Committee

This incredibly large organization directed over $350 million to the needy in 2011. They also provide emergency aid in 42 countries, working to improve the life of victims and oppression, permanently.

5.  International Child Care

International Child Care is a Christian health development organization is working to alleviate most of the causes of poverty in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Given that they provide vital medical care to children and their families, the ICC gives them a much happier and healthier life with less danger of falling into poverty again.

6.  InterAction

InterAction is a coalition of US-based NGOs that seek to eliminate poverty at an international level. The partnerships they share between themselves allow each of their organization to multiply their impact by providing crucial insights, connections and capital.

7.  VillageReach

VillageReach, since opening up in the year 2000, has been working to improve the developing world’s access to healthcare by partnering up with governments, businesses, nonprofits and several other organizations. They work to strengthen local infrastructure in deprived rural areas and promote the delivery of medical supplies. This act specifically helps fight rural poverty by allowing remote communities to lead better and more fruitful lives.

8.  Fistula Foundation

This organization provides funds for the treatment of obstetric fistulas in developing nations. Obstetric fistulas takes place when labor is obstructed during childbirth. This injury leaves women incontinent, thereby ruining their lives in the process. In such an event, a woman with obstetric fistulas is abandoned by her husband, family and community because of her smell. The injury is common when women give birth at home without having any access to trained medical help, and can be fixed with surgery that costs around $450.

9.  Action Against Hunger (ACF-USA)

The aim of this organization is strictly aimed at ending world hunger. They do this by fighting malnutrition, especially in times of conflict or crisis. Their programs are integrated with domestic and national systems to guarantee long-term solutions that handle the underlying causes of malnutrition.

10.              Life In Abundance

Life in Abundance is an interdenominational Christian organization that aims to empower the local Church to end poverty in Africa’s developing areas. Their programs are designed to create holistic community improvement by focusing on financial security, health, social participation and education. By enabling and encouraging local Church leadership, long-term transformation is achieved and African families can successfully get out of poverty.

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