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How Different is the North Indian Food from South Indian Food

foodnorth southWhenever you think about food you recollect the memory of when and where you had it last. You would gradually identify that every state or every city has its some unique dishes to be served. But today we are talking about the different cuisine from north India & south India. One thing seen common among the ingredient on both the sides is, chicken!

While North India food has samosa, pakora, Butter roti, and lachcha parantha with the different spices flovered chicken; in South Indian, it starts with Bonda, Paripurram, Appam, Dosa, Idli Sambar. But one common dish that we would notice is – chicken, but with drastically different flavours and masalas.

But if you want to try a different variety of Fish Curry then South India food is best. And if you want to try some Meeta halwa aur sweet then thumbs up for North India.

So guys now when you go for any multi cuisine restaurant and if you want to order any south or north Indian food or both together you have a clear picture what is the best that you can order (by differentiating between the two) and enjoy your meal.

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