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How Digital Marketers Can Ensure Success of Email Newsletter Campaigns

digital marketing newsletter newspatrolling best blogEmail newsletters can be a powerful digital marketing tool to connect with the target audience. These can be used for various purposes such as announcing the launch of new product/service, providing general news and updates, brand building, promotional campaigns,etc. However, the success of email marketing campaigns is not guaranteed. The success will depend on various variables and how well they are accounted for and executed. Let’s discuss some key strategies that can help digital marketers to ensure success of their email newsletter campaigns.

Choose responsive design: The email newsletter should be responsive to ensure that it displays properly on various screen sizes such as that of PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If the design is not responsive, many customers will not be able to view the email newsletter properly. This would create a negative impression on customers. A responsive design will ensure that the email newsletter is displayed properly across majority of devices.

Don’t promise the moon: Digital marketers need to avoid creating unnecessary hype in their email newsletter. The content should be such that it gives a clear idea about what the email newsletter is all about. The target audience should not feel that they were promisedsomething else and they got something else. An email newsletter is essentially the brand’s message, so it should not have anything that can potentially hurt brand image and reputation.

Follow Brand Guidelines: A significant chunk of the target audience will just take a quick look at the email newsletter. However, even these few seconds can be effectively utilized if brand guidelines are followed. If the placement of the logo and other design elements are done in a proper manner, readers would immediately know what brand it is. This would be an important step in brand building and boosting brand recall.

Offer tangible benefits: Everyone loves discounts, offers and cashbacks. It makes sense to includethese in the email newsletter. The email newsletter subscribers will be delighted to receive such offers. Special contests with cool prizes can also be included in the email newsletter. Such initiatives will increase readership and add new subscribers through referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. Most importantly, it will keep the relationship alive and thriving between the brand and the target audience.

In addition to the above, digital marketers need to evaluate the performance of their email newsletter campaign. Various metrics need to be measured such as subscriber base, open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, conversion rate, etc. These metrics would clearly indicate whether the campaign is effective or not. Digital marketers can then work to identify problems and fix them in order to improve the email newsletter.

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