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How do probiotics help in weight loss?


It is no more a secret that probiotics or what we can also say – ‘good bacteria’ has numerous health benefits. At the same time, it is also a fact that weight or fat loss is not at all and easy thing as we may think. But now, you must be wondering that what has good bacteria got to do with weight loss?

Probiotics have a major role to play in restoring the good health of our digestive tract. And, unexpectedly, probiotics have also a critical role to play in effective weight loss. Yes, you read it right! It is something that is very subtle, but can really make a whole lot of difference in people who are finding it difficult to lose those unwanted and stubborn belly fat. The science behind the whole process is complex, yet very simple to understand – maintain an even balance between losing weight and maintaining gut flora with the aid of probiotics.

In order to understand how probiotics aids in weight loss, we need to understand in details the science weight gain and loss.

  • Excessive eating than required

The principal in here is quite simple. The more you eat than required, the more you gain weight. The less you eat than required, the lore you lose weight. This is all done by our liver. It is responsible to convert the food that we eat into glycogen which in turns provides energy to the body to work. The excessive food that we eat is also converted into glycogen and then energy and this excess of energy is stored in the body as fat and weight.

  • The burning of fat

Our liver has another role to play – to burn fat. The liver produces bile. Bile is used as an emulsifier to absorb fats. When the liver is not performing correctly it does not releases enough or any bile for the fat to be absorbed and all of it are distributed in our body as celluloid.

  • Low fat food and metabolism

No one likes fat deposited in the body and one of the best way to avoid I to have a diet low in fats. But at times this also does not works and it is again the liver to be blamed for. Liver has got a major role to play in our metabolism. It burns fats, regulates blood sugar and tells the body that it is hungry. Again, a healthy and functioning liver will always promoted good metabolism and whatever we eat turns into energy, but when it is out of form, whatever you eat, you will never lose weight.

How probiotics or good bacteria can help, even when low fat diet have failed?

In simple terms – prebiotics helps in improving the health of your liver and thereby your body’s metabolism. It is the good bacteria is probiotics that dies all the job:

  • It aids the bile to become more active and effective and do its job of emulsifying and absorbing fat. Thus no more weight or fat gain and effective weight loss.
  • It helps controlling our appetite. Meaning eating less food than required and weight loss.
  • It helps reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestine thereby, reducing food cravings and urge for more sweet and carbohydrate foods.
  • It helps in increasing the use of the glucose by the body during the metabolism process.
  • It helps in optimal performance of our liver to burn more fats and promote weight loss.
  • Helps in preventing all the excessive foods that we might have eaten to be digested and turned into fat.
  • The presence of lactic acid bacteria in probiotics have the power to break down foods with complex carbohydrates and not being stored in the body as fats.

Now, you can very well see the positive effects that probiotics have on our metabolism. This simply means that having regular probiotics will certainly be effective in our weight loss targets apart from imparting numerous other health benefits to our body. It is highly advisable to have a balanced diet, regular exercise and daily intake of probiotics.

By: Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt

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