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How do sports contribute to building the nation’s economy and relationships?

Whether it’s football, tennis, cricket or baseball, sport has always remained an important part of our lives. No matter if you’re a 4-year-old or a 50-year-old man, you can never deny when your friend calls you for a match.

Sport implies to every form of physical exertion which is conducted in an organized manner. A daily jog is also covered under the definition of sport. With a rising percentage of obese people across the globe, now the government is at the forefront of organizing sports events and funding sports. For example, in the UK 26 per cent of women and 24 per cent of men are obese, which calls for the implementation of government programmes.

  • Sports is one of the major common threads that can bind people together, develop patriotism and unify regional factionalism of numerous separatist forces. People from various ethnicity feel connected and are united for a common purpose despite their differences in colour, race, region or religion.
  • There had been pieces of evidence of sports providing benefits to individuals and communities, involving economic growth as well. Sports can deliver employment opportunities, raise economic prosperity and increases skills and aspirations.
  • Sport or sport-related activities support as many as 400,000 full-time jobs which makes up about 2.3% of all the jobs of England.
  • Since 2010, businesses and local authorities have joined hands to form LEPs or local enterprise partnerships. They play a key role by undertaking activities and determining economic priorities for driving the economy and to create more local jobs.
  • International events like the World Cup and Olympics promote international brotherhood. Sportspersons always have been successful ambassadors and have followers across the globe. Nelson Mandela says sport carries the power to bring change in the world. And we cannot agree any more to it. He also says sports carries the power to unite people and inspires people like nothing else. it communicates with the youth in such a language that they can understand. It has more power than the government for breaking racial barriers down.
  • Every single team, organization, club, charity, etc. needs people and employees to ensure the smooth running of it soundly. Recently, research was conducted by the SportEngland reported that England generated a profit of £23b, that’s 1.9 per cent of the nation’s total. Sport comes under top fifteenindustries of England.
  • There various ways of developing skills, productivity and knowledge of communities and individuals such as sports leadership, sports volunteering, sports facilities, sports employment, and sports training. They create vibrant and strong cities and neighbourhoods.
  • The previous UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon said that Sport is not merely a game, but is an international language that can break all the barriers and walls. It’s such an industry which is spread worldwide, and its practices can impact the whole world. Above all, this is the most powerful device for development and progress of every country.

Over the last decade, the UN has recognized the platform provided by sport for promoting peace and sustainable development. In 2001, a special adviser was appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General, on Sport for Development and Peace.

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