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How Do You Choose Between a Big Salary Vs Job Satisfaction?

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Having a decent environment job in the latest job vacancies in Nigeria plus a handsome salary is like a dream come true. But sometimes, the reality is different, and many of us must go through with such circumstances like:

  • Good job but not salary,
  • The environment is just okay, but the salary is superb,
  • Job’s nature is tough, but the salary doesn’t match the work’s demands, and so on like these…

It’s really a one-time opportunity:

For many of us, it really might be a lot easier to further trick our brain towards enjoying the work; especially if you are keeping your eyes on the salary.

However, if you find yourself losing your genuine interest in your job, then it might be possible for you to go for any other work. It’s simply like you want to climb up with a ladder, but you don’t know how to hold a ladder.

So, in short, you need to put your all interest in your work, if you really want to get a successful career ahead.

In this way, many beginners faced such difficulties in their latest jobs in Lagos, but still, they need to learn about the patient and hard work.

We have also seen the difficulties of choosing the salary over job’s environment, especially in newbies, they want salary packages, no more care about the job’s preferences.

Three Pros and Cons Of Choosing Salary Over Happiness:


  • If you have a higher salary package, then you can maintain your budget easily.
  • You can have options for savings as well.
  • High salary can solve out many issues of your life.


  • If you are choosing the salary over job’s happiness, then you might be facing difficulties in the future.
  • You will be getting bored so quickly, and you can’t maintain your focus on your work, which might be making a negative impact on your position.
  • Your all focus would be on your salary, and you are just waiting like hell for the end of the month to get your salary as soon as possible, which might be losing your efficiency in your work.

Three Pros and Cons Of Choosing Happiness Over Salary:


  • You will enjoy your work, and it will develop more qualities in you.
  • Your job’s satisfaction is the reason for you to get up early in the morning with a fresh mood.
  • You can maintain good mental health if you love your job.


  • You are satisfied with the job’s nature, but salary is not enough to fulfill your requirements, you might be facing emotional breakdown.
  • Not enough salary can pull out your focus and interest towards the job.
  • You might be getting involved in searching other work or job all the time.

However, in the latest jobs in Lagos, a person can easily maintain his/her satisfaction and salary. It just all depends on their thinking and planning.

If a person is searching work just for money, then he might never be satisfied with any job, because he just needs “MONEY” and for this, he will switch the jobs again and again according to the salary package.

But even though, if that person loves his current job and a small amount of salary package would be okay for him then he can get success in his field very soon. Just take a simple example from the story of “tortoise and the hale,” the slow work will always give you higher opportunities and success in life, but you need to be satisfying enough.

Final Words:

So, basically, choosing between a big salary and job happiness is sometimes can be the toughest decision for people. But, according to the experts, job’s satisfaction/happiness is more important over salary.

As because, salary can be an increase over the time in the latest job vacancies in Nigeria, but if you are not happy or satisfy then you might be losing your career…

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