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How does light pollution harm you or the wildlife?

light pollution

Light pollution also is known in the name of photo-pollution or luminous pollution is the result of excessive use of artificial lights during the night time; which tends to alter the nightlight conditions and causes harmful effects in many ways. The outdoor light in a vast quantity can overcast the natural starlight and also affect the circadian cycle of human beings that will indirectly result in the disruption of the environmental activities thus by further affecting the wildlife too.

How does light pollution harm human beings?

Human beings are more often found to complain about stress or maybe go through certain difficulties like loss of visual clarity and feeling the strain on the eyes that result in the aging of the eyes; all these are the outcomes of light pollution. Not only the eyes but the endocrine system of the human body gets affected too as the production of melatonin hormone gets disrupted. As melatonin is responsible for the circadian cycle, it can exert serious impacts to the sleeping patterns thereby resulting in exhaustion, headaches, obesity or anxiety.

How does light pollution harm wildlife?

Many wildlife animals that include the reptiles, birds, insects, and mammals get affected by the photo-pollution. These animals depend on the natural periodicity of light and due to luminous pollution their circadian cycle gets disrupted; which often causes a serious imbalance in the development and growth of wildlife by affecting the eating and reproducing habits of the mere animals. The night locomotive aspects of certain animals are being destroyed which is getting them killed and leading towards their extinction. The artificial lighting is affecting the animals of the sea too. For example, the entire lifecycle of the sea turtle is depended on the natural lighting process, but pollution of the light is leading to certain changes affecting their living habits.

The hazards caused due to light pollution do not limit to affecting human beings and wildlife but also affect the study of the outer space. Astronauts have been found complaining about not being able to study the activities of the sky as well as space because of the color contrast taking place in the atmosphere due to excessive usage of artificial lighting. The people living in the cities have already started to lose the view of the dark sky with a moon surrounded by heavenly bodies. If these rapid changes in the lighting patterns remain persistent, the evolving generation will never be able to experience the peace of nightlife.

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