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How Gadgets Can Help Improve Employee Productivity

Conventionally, it is believed that gadgets and electronic media create distraction and adversely affect employee productivity. This is why some companies have banned or limited the use of electronic media in office premises. However, this archaic view is now being challenged by newer companies, who believe that gadgets can actually help improve employee productivity. To substantiate this, let’s take a look at some pieces of evidence that indicate that gadgets can help improve employee productivity.

24/7 integrated work environment: With technology advancements and use of latest electronic gadgets, the line between home and office has blurred. Earlier, companies used to aim for work-life balance for their employees, but now the focus has shifted to integrated work environment. In this school of thought, the physical presence of the employee at the workplace is not required. With internet and tools like video conferencing, the employee can be virtually present to participate in meetings or to give presentations or training. As this system provides ample freedom to employees to schedule theirpriorities, it naturally boosts their productivity.

Updates about family:Employees spend around 8-12 hours at the office, which often creates worries about their families.Such worries can be overcome with the use of latest electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets. Employees can connect with their family members to keep updated about things at home or to provide any guidance that may be needed. Today’s companies often choose such gadgets as corporate gift ideas for employees to boost employee morale and productivity.

Stress buster:It has been shown in research studies that taking some time off from work can actually boost productivity levels. This is why companies are nowadays providing recreation options to employees such as games, gym, library, etc. Latest electronic gadgets also work as good recreation tools and many employees rely on it these days. In their short breaks, employees can catch up with news updates, watch some videos, listen to songs, or browse for things to buy. Gadgets are thus quite useful in eliminating boredom and work related stress and anxiety.

Organizations that believe that gadgets can help boost employee productivity can go ahead and gift these gadgets to their staff members. Employees will surely be delighted to receive such gifts and it will motivate them to give it their 100% to the organization. Best quality electronic gadgets for employees at reasonable rates can be easily procured by a corporate gift supplier.

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