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How global businesses are leveraging their productivity and impact with AI?

artificial intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is one of the most trending topics in the IT industry and it is strongly believed that AI has the potential to bring revolutionary changes in the diverse fields across the globe. Right from business and healthcare to education and politics, it can offer immense benefits to society. While many of such predictions might still seem to be far, the AI has already started delivering benefits to some of the major fields. A good number of reputed corporate brands are already using AI in order to enhance productivity and deliver better customer experience. In this blog we will know the various ways in which AI is being used in different fields of business:

Better in-store experience

With the help of deep learning, sensor fusion and computer vision the Amazon Go has already redefined the way the people shop in the brick and mortar stores. The customers just need to download the Go Amazon app to enter the shop and pick the items they like and simply walk away. No checkout is required. Thus, you can actually enjoy the real-life shopping experience sans the excruciating queues or time consuming, boring checkout process.

Using the AI enabled Just walkout technology, the specific shopping actions like picking an item from the shelves (or keeping them back) the virtual cart is automatically updated and at the end of the shopping the exact amount is automatically deducted from your Amazon account and the receipt is sent to you. Isn’t it quick, easy and hassle-free?

Vision-related activities

DeepLens is an AI-enabled technology that is able to successfully perform multiple vision-related activities with the efficiency that is comparable to the human brain. Right from simple tasks like identifying a specific food item to taking the subsequent actions based on the visual inputs like automatically sending a text message to the house inmates upon the sight of a specific animal or human being (as instructed). So if you want to keep your cattle safe from the wolves, all you have to do is to instruct the DeepLens to send you a text message upon spotting a wolf approaching your house! You may also use DeepLens to stop a thief breaking into your house.

Product recommendation

With the help of AI, the e-commerce companies can recommend specific products to the individual users based on the previously purchased items. Besides, the recent AI developments have also allowed the e-commerce companies to “predict” the next possible purchase based on the previous purchase made by different customers with matching criteria/profiles. It will help them take proactive decisions to offer best recommendations to the clients and enhance the sales opportunities.

Marketing and Support

Intelligent Voice assistants can easily interact with human beings using natural human language and offer answers with a decent level of accuracy. These chatbots can be counted as one of the most successful accomplishments of AI as they not only reduce the massive workload of marketing and support departments but also have been helping in creating a better customer experience by multiplying the efficiency. So, using chatbots can effectively help you deliver a positive customer experience and enjoy better rapport with your customers.


According to many people, AI or artificial intelligence is the best innovation in the field of IT that has an immense potential of improving the way the world works. It is predicted to bring massive changes in the social, political and even cultural realm. However, presently the AI is already being employed by various corporate brands to make their work easier and enhance their overall productivity. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the real world instances on how AI is helping the businesses achieve next level efficiency.


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