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How is olive oil beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

olive oil

Olive oil has been advocated as a magic oil that has many benefits for our hair, skin and overall health. It is basically a liquid fat obtained from olives. It is the best to use in its pure virgin form. It is made by pressing and crushing the olives. There are several olive oil benefits because of its high nutritional value. So, it becomes important to include it in our daily lifestyle. The good part is olive oil price is not too expensive and you can easily use it for you hair and skin care. For cooking, it can be a bit expensive for daily consumption if you have a large family but you can include it in your daily meals if you have a small family. Read more and you will be surprised after knowing the multiple olive oil uses!

Benefits of olive oil

1)   Olive oil for hair

Reading about olive oil benefits for hair will convince you to try this hair oil at least for once.  It helps in removing dandruff by cleaning your scalp. It has anti-inflammatory properties. For better results, try mixing it with lemon juice and then apply it on your scalp. Olive also softens your hair and also make it grow long and strong. It makes your hair easy for styling by untangling them. It also help in preventing split ends.

2)   Olive oil for face

Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants which prevent oxidation. Oxidation damages our skin cells. So olive oil in a way help us to maintain the health of our skin. It may prevent premature ageing. It contains vitamin A, D, K and E. It also has moisturizing effects to our face. Its application leave a smooth and supple skin that has a beautiful glow. It is also a natural cure for whiteheads and blackheads.

3)   Olive oil for cooking

Olive oil can be really helpful in preventing heart diseases. As we all know heart diseases is a common cause of death worldwide. All we can do is prevent it by adding this healthy oil in our daily meals. Make sure that you are using extra virgin olive oil as it will give you the best results. Olive oil also lessens the risk of high blood pressure as it lowers the blood levels down. Even if you don’t have a heart disease but have a family history of heart diseases then you should be careful about taking care of your heart.

Another benefit of olive oil consumption in your meals is that it will not lead to an increase in weight or obesity. Even high consumption of olive oil have not shown increase in weight.

4)   Olive oil for skin

The antimicrobial nature of olive oil makes it good for the skin. That is why many soaps and beauty products use olive oil as a major ingredient. It fights the bacteria, fungi and viruses. It repairs skin cells for maintaining the glow.


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