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How Living Nearthe Ocean Affects Your Car

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Living near bodies of water like oceans and seas have many perks such as enjoying the cool breeze and attractive views of the sparkling seas and not to mention the calming sound of the waves which is just delightful.

However, while the oceanic regions might be awesome for you, the humid and salty air in the area might not be much friendlier to your car. The prevailing environmental conditions in the coastal regions have the right ingredients to facilitate rusting and spread more rapidly even to the critical parts of your vehicle. Here are some of the ways living near the sea can affect your vehicle.

Salt mist is very corrosive and results in rust formation

The salt from the ocean increases the rate of rusting. That means, if you live closer to the sea, your vehicle is prone to rust and, hence, easy to lose its value. Apart from the salt in the moisture, you will also need to wash your car, in which case, there is a higher chance that the water is strongly concentrated with salt. It is this consistent spray and washing of your car with saline water that will result in rapid rust formations. Worse, the internal parts of your car like nuts and bolts, including braking system components, are not safe as they may also get corroded.

Paint loss

The coastal environment is also not kind to the paint of your car. When the sun and salt air combine, its effect on your car’s paint is very harmful. Areas along the coastline are usually characterized with sweltering sunshine, and when your car is washed with salt water, the pores in your car paint enlarge, which eventually leads to more absorption of salty water, hence, more corrosion.

How to prevent ocean air damage

The only way to protect your vehicle from corrosion, rust, and paint damage is to shield it from the ocean breeze. Here are some tips:

  • Choose an ideal car parking area: look for an enclosed car park when in public areas. Or, you can use a car cover if you can’t find one.
  • Protect your paint: take care of your paint regularly by washing and waxing it.
  • Drive on safe ground: avoid driving on sand and marine water. But if you must, make sure you wash the underside of the vehicle using a hose when the car has cooled off.

Final thoughts

It is fun living near the ocean, but if you are not keen, it may be very costly to your car maintenance. However, if you understand the cause of damage and take the necessary steps to remedy the problem, you can enjoy living in coastal regions with minimal corrosion.

It is essential to regularly check your car if you are living close to the oceans. If your car body gets severely corroded, you can always replace it with another vehicle. Contact Sandown today for Smart Car Poole. Sandown sells approved used smart cars and offers other vehicle-related services such as maintenance.

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