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How long is the process of IVF?

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IVF is a process which takes around 6 to 7 weeks to complete one cycle. You need to wait for a few weeks so that you are able to produce mature and healthy eggs for fertilization. After that Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert at Select IVF India will ask you and your partner to spend about half a day at her clinic for egg retrieval and fertilization and then she will ask you to go back home and come again after three to five days to have the embryos inserted into your uterus.

How the process of IVF works?

The IVF process mainly consists of 6 steps and these are as follows:

  1. a) Ovulation Induction: In ovulation induction, Dr. Nalini Gupta will monitor your ovaries and the timings of the egg release from your ovary. The fertility experts at Select IVF India will make sure that you will be able to produce healthy and mature eggs and also they keep a check on your hormones level. Your fertility expert will give you some fertility drugs so that your ovaries get stimulated and you will produce one or more healthy eggs.
  2. b) Egg Retrieval: Nalini Gupta will retrieve the eggs from your ovaries by using thin fine needle called catheter which passes through the upper vaginal wall. With the use of vaginal ultrasound, the fluid is removed from the follicles under gentle suction. Your fertility expert will perform this process under short anesthesia and place the egg in a culture dish which contains nutrient media and then they transferred to the incubator.
  3. c) Sperm collection: Your fertility expert asks your husband to provide his sperm sample for fertilization on the same day when your eggs are retrieved.
  4. d) Fertilization: This is a process where Dr. Nalini Gupta will mix your husband’s most active sperm with your egg in a special chamber and store in an incubator to facilitate fertilization. The eggs are then monitored to confirm the fertilization and cell division will take place. Once this occurred, the fertilized egg will be considered as an embryo.
  5. e) Examination, transfer, and implantation of the embryo: In this step of the IVF procedure where Dr. Nalini Gupta with an experienced embryologist examines the embryo and chooses the healthy embryo for transfer. An embryologist then transfers the embryo via a small plastic tube that has been placed through the cervix into your uterine cavity. Once the embryo transfer procedure is completed your fertility expert will ask you to go back home and continue your normal life. Generally, Dr. Nalini Gupta not recommend too much of rest.
  6. f) Pregnancy test: This is the final step of IVF procedure where your fertility expert will ask you to visit Select IVF India after two weeks of embryo transfer and then she will conduct a pregnancy test. If results are positive then you will be hand-over to your gynecologist, else your fertility expert will advise you to repeat your cycle to achieve the successful outcome of the treatment.


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