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How nails can enhance your external (sexual) enjoyment entirely!

downloadWe use to define us like this – man is a rational animal. Yes, man is also included in the specific species – called animal. Man is also an animal but it has rationality too. Like other animals, man also reciprocates and resonates to each and every of the feelings and emotions (this is the currency actually). It has the ample of cravings for sex – just like the other (animal) members of the planet earth also (man should not be grumbled for that, because it is not a trespass or stigma, it is a natural instinct merely). Man is also very frail yet feeble to endure this inflict or conflict for a long while and also fulfils its piles of cravings of sex obligatorily (not reluctantly at all) but with the splash of the essence of love and romance yet with the rationality. – With the tender tig of civilization and keen sense of art and culture – simultaneously. We are the people, who are polished (not corny, obsolete or twilight, lean), entwined with the sense of civilization. We use to take initiatives to flaunt up our distinct and distinguished test and civilized trait through our gentle, polite, decent, compliant, affable, gracious, modest, moderate, romantic, artistic, scientific but abandon sexual activities also.

We desire to relish a manifold of external physical (sexual) activities also – before the intercourse. This is called foreplay. We cling to, osculate, and squeeze our love peers to compile then enhance and increase the external enjoyment and pleasure of sex. There are some other activities to do to become overjoyed, complacent, aroused and amused indeed. In this case please don’t humiliate your Nails! They are also the tenures to indulge the incarnation of the incantation and conjuration to illuminate the external (sexual) enjoyment yet endearment of both of you – integrally in an engrossing genre!

If you are really inquisitive in this matter and keenly appetent to broaden the pale of knowledge of this specific niche, then don’t be a jackass or a continent one – don’t hold, just behold and continue the reading then unfold –

First of all your nails should be convex, radiant, clean and clear, any kind of spot or lineless, firm and unbreakable.

Your properest nails imply that, you are embedding a weirdest cobweb in front of yourself and cherishing a pious, bios and leaned desire for the entanglement and engrossment.

1)     If you cherish a desire to make your queen shuddered and horripilated, place  your nails on her lovely cheeks, lower lip, bosoms respectively – keep the nails until her body hair (if she didn’t shave it earlier) bristles up. But, remember one thing – don’t leave any mark over there – anywhere of her body.

2)     Now yield a curved sign on her neck and bosoms with your nails.

3)     Leave a nail mark on her face as well.

4)     On her head, both of the thighs yet both of the bosoms – create longer than three fingers – breaths signs with your nails.

5)     Make scratches on her bosom adjacent area then on the darker part of the bosom also.

Lastly – you should remember that your assertive aspiration (it requires fasterage) is to yield her happiness yet complacency – sufficiently. Hence, just tear the string of her fear. Don’t make her scared. Don’t assault her, don’t be arrogant or vindictive. Don’t bully on her. Don’t let her feel a klutz. Let her feel freaky. It would be serendipity for you to wag a white flag in front of her always. Be steadfast yet persevere to the desire of your heart always.

By: Mithu Ghoshal




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