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How Raphael Auad, an entrepreneur, rose to recognition

There is a great deal of similarity between entrepreneurship and sports. Both journeys are fulfilled with a goal, need dedicated endeavors and a determination to sail through the storm. And what happens when a sportsperson assumes the courage to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure? You get a visionary who never learns to lose. Meet Raphael Auad- athlete, tennis champ, coach, trainer, influencer but most importantly, an entrepreneur.

With an experience as a professional player in volleyball, tennis and high-performance athletics, Raphael built his foundation at an early age. The struggles, disappointments,and achievements, from time to time, built his resilience and determination, which became his mantra for in his entrepreneurial journey.

Raphael’s first stint was as a manager and a consultant in the logistics and distribution space. His natural business skills helped him learn and grow faster than his peers. Gathering knowledge, experience,and expertise in the supply chain segment, Raphael discovered his entrepreneurial attributes. Starting his own newspaper distribution company in Boston by the name of AMDS, in 2012, Raphael found his stepping stone to entrepreneurship.

But newspaper business has never been an easy one. With a fragmented market of 300,000 distributors (US) and a radical shift in news consumption pattern, it was difficult for Raphael to carve a niche for himself. After struggling for four years, and switching four locations, he finally found his first streak of success with a 3-year multi-million dollar deal with the re-known Brooklyn based company PCF Corp. However, Raphael didn’t pause at his first achievement and spread himself across newer ventures. Presently, RaphaelAuad is a recognized name in the newspaper distribution business in the New York and New Jersey area. He also has his credentials added to being sponsors of national league sports teams and health and wellness brands.

The sportsman turned entrepreneur takes pride in having his hands full with innovative business ideas and being involved with sports at the same time. For Raphael, there is no secret recipe for success. He promotes and believes in a simple philosophy-

For me what worked in my favor was my early introduction to sports. Being an athlete kept me grounded, determined and made me resilient. It’s great to dream of being an entrepreneur. But the road is a really difficult one. Be ready to fall, but pick yourself up the next moment and carry on. You got to keep moving and doing, everything together, and sometimes one at a time. Every time, you beat your own benchmarks. Because, what I have learned from my experiences, is that a true entrepreneur is a doer, not just a dreamer.”

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