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How technology is affecting human behavior

UnknownWe have been saying and believing in the fact that we use technology to ease our life; but if we actually come to think of it we can see how we have been slave to technology. We are constantly using our mobile phones, spending hours on laptop, using various apps for easy services, and other significant ways in which we keep ourselves engrossed.

But one thing that is worth noticing is that by using this technology at this humongous level, we are actually bypassing the real world. We have minimized our interactions with people around due our phone screens. Our addition to our phone screens can easily be gauged from the number of road accidents that have happened in the past years due to the use of mobiles.

What is worse is that the younger generation is now getting much more addicted to all of this, and seeing the growing trend, it is only going to get worse. If we need a solution to this, it has to be thought of immediately.

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