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How to attain stunning looks with Temple Jewelry?

temple jewellery

Traditional Indian jewelry can be classified under three broad heads – Temple jewelry, Bridal jewelry and Spiritual jewelry. Out of these, there is a lot of buzz in the fashion world about Temple jewelry. It is one of the oldest and most revered jewelry styles existing in India. If you take a look at the history of such jewelry, it can be easily understood that Temple jewelry originated during the 9th century under the patronage of great Chola kings. Chola kings were great influencers of South Indian art and architecture. So, they inspired the jewelers of the times into creating pieces of jewelry that had a close resemblance with the intricate carvings and designs seen on those grand temples of South India. During the early years, Temple jewelry were meant for decoration of idols sitting within those glamorous temples. But soon they found a place among the royals and then the nobles.

Even some years back, Temple jewelry was popularly worn by the classical performers. It became popular as Bharatnatyam jewelry, as well. But gradually the fashion loving Indians understood the real purpose of these jewelry. They were worn on traditional functions and weddings. Once the Indian women started wearing them on occasions, they quickly caught the imagination of most and today it is one of the most sought after jewelry types.

If you want to flaunt the Temple jewelry style, today there are many online jewelry stores which contain a rich stock of such jewelry. Temple styled earrings are very popular. They come in Jhumka patterns or other earring styles. While the high-end Temple earrings still come in golden and silver materials, there are others that comes in German silver and other artificial materials.

Apart from the earrings, Temple styled necklaces are the show stealers anywhere you go. They come with bulky designs or rather simplistic ones. The usage of various precious and semi-precious stones, adds glamour to the Temple necklaces. Some varieties also come with Pearl decorations. Temple necklaces are meant to symbolize Goddess Laxmi, who is the goddess of riches. By wearing a Temple necklace you make sure that your neck gets a lot of admiring glares.

Temple jewelry is today worn as waistbands, hair accessories, toe rings and armlets. And each one redefines your looks in one way or the other. is an online jewelry store that contains a huge collection of Temple jewelry. You can check out their stock and choose a piece that best fits your tastes.  

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