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How to avoid all the mistakes and kiss your spouse precisely?

The heart of a person is one kind of havoc actually – where God has sowed the seeds of feelings – as a matter of fact. Love is also an (something very robust yet lusty) absconded seed of feeling, which yields the oxygen to any kind of relationship.  Especially it is allegedly impossible for a romantic relationship or a marital kinship to dealt the strive of its existence barring the essence of love for a jiffy even! But there is a circumstance (an enlightened etho rather) to remember – love resembles the incorporate air – has no factual shape yet you are an embodied soul. Hence, if you cherish a desire (an inheritance rather) to plunge into a love kinship – a marital alliance, then you owe to manipulate a swarm of the carnal (sexual) activities as your excelled, forthcoming and obligatory equipments (yes, it is true – neither a mock of a moron/jackass nor an exaggerated talk at all).Such as a tempted cuddle, osculation etc.

imagesEspecially osculation is a pretty good modality to imply yet interpret your frightening profound appetency to your love peer undoubtedly!

But, it is worth mentioning that, you have to perceive that everything requires proper practise and exercise to acquire the accurate perfection. You have no tenure to endorse yourself to compile a wee strip of pie in your love life and make it a morbid, dilute, or a fatigued one. Don’t be a goof or a fumbled or a stumbled (don’t be a grumbled or a jumbled or a mumbled even). Just unleash (banish/expel rather) all the prejudices – you are interweaved with – from your mind and endorse yourself to not to revoke the amenity to make yourself fussy to increase your faculty by learning about how to osculate your love pal properestly with excellency (don’t be an inadvertent in this solemn niche – especially if you are a newbie to take entry in the portal of the pleasure land and follow this dilution also) to juice up your love life. –

kissheart-021)     Choose an optimal ambience to let your spouse feel comfier.

2)     Be passionate – engulfed with true love affection – to conduct the manoeuvre to become the laureate of the arena of sexual camaraderie.

3)     If your spouse is a lady, don’t erode her dignity. May be she is a gig or a baggage, but she is definitely not a slut.

4)     Avoid the reluctant touch.

5)     Her pleasure is the thing that worth a king’s ransom! – Remember that!

6)     Your lips must be warm, smooth yet soft.

7)     Don’t humiliate your breaths. Your breaths should be fresh (you can use a mouth freshener before the osculation session to captivate your spouse).

8)     Don’t be too frightening, aggressive!

9)     Try distinct genre – every time you osculate your spouse (ask help from your insight yet foresight too).

10)  Manipulate your lips than the tongues to acquire a heavenly osculation – experience!

11)   You can bite the lips of your spouse – but mildly.

12)  Don’t make him or her sloppy, messy.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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