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How to be a friend with your teenager

Being friends with your own teenager daughter is something important you should begin doing it from the first day. You should be there for here at each step.

It is important to get extra knowledge about that by reading few books or articles about how to prepare yourself to be a parent and raise your kid wisely. Educating yourself about teenager’s physiology and psychology is crucial to take the right choices.
It is not easy to have them if you do not know how to deal with teenager’s lives and problems.

Moreover, daughters are gifts and blessing in our life they look cute when they are babies, but it is not that easy when they grow up and become teenagers. You will fight for them and fight them to stick to the right way, but violence can will never be useful as much as the kindness and sympathy. So those Tips will guide you to build a healthy relation with your teenager daughter:

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11 Tips to be a friend with your teenager

1 – Be calm

Evert teenager girl goes through many physical and hormonal changes. She is not ready to be a woman and she is not anymore your little angel. Her needs are different now and a piece of chocolate will not make her happy. She doesn’t even know what will satisfy her or what she exactly needs. So please be calm when you find her crying or angry. However, be aware that sometimes she will need you to stand by her and sometimes she need to have her own space.

2- Be a good listener

 To be a friend to any teenager is like being a friend to anybody, just listen carefully to her. Give her your all attention, listen to all the important details and even that boring ones because that what is the good friend do, and that what they expect you to do.

3 – Give advice

It is not easy to earn the trust of your teenage daughter, but once you have it she will be ready to listen to your advice. But be careful because asking your advice does not mean that she will let you control her life, but she may give you the role of her model so give her the direction and let her choose to go or not.

4- Talk to her

Talk about yourself how you go through your childhood and teenager hood. Tell her how you dealt with mean girls you met, the problems you went through and how you managed all that. Teenagers may dislike listening about your own story, but believe me one day she will remember your story and act like you when going through a similar situation.

5- Be open- minded

In her world, you will find a lot of issues which will shock you or impress you. The words they use, the way they wear and even the way they think are weird for a parent. So be open-minded, and trust that everything in her life is going to change by time. Nothing is stable in a teenager life.

6- Be supporter

To be a friend with your teenager, support her in her interests and hobbies. Be there when she falls down and give her a hand to go on. It is not easy but you need to charge your power and not lose your energy, as she needs a lot of energy and support to complete this chapter of her life.

7- Respect your teenager daughter

 They are mirrors of our manner and the way we behave and talk to others. Be nice when you talk or when you give them advice.

8- Be a loving mother

The most thing she needs from you is to feel that you love her, so let her know that and do not be shy to tell her every night and every day “I love you”.

9- Don’t act as a judge

Do not judge her or her personality, you can judge the bad manner without abusing her personality or without controlling her or you will look like be a bully mum in her eyes. Be a firm only in difficult situations without exaggerating the sentences.

10- Read

Read about this stage; its requirements and difficulties to be ready for all positions. 

11 – Be positive

Positive parents are able to solve problems and get closer to a positive friendship relationship with their teenagers than negative ones.

Finally, not only by following the steps you can be a friend with your teenager, but also by building a bridge of dialogue, love and accepting the others.

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