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How to become your own spiritual leader – why you don’t need anyone else?

giankumarSpirituality is an oasis of peace and calm, which lures stressed and tired people towards itself and promises them a world of enlightenment and solace. It is a harbinger of hope and peace in the fast-paced life. It is something that people turn to, when in stress and pain.

Spiritual leaders who promise the moon abound in existence. In the recent past, there have been numerous cases where the spiritual leaders have misused the trust and confidence of their loyal followers and instead taken them for an unsavory ride.

So, who do we trust and follow, in order to figure out ‘inner self’ and experience blissful oneness with God?

It is always a good idea to adopt the method of finding your own spirituality and become your own spiritual leader, instead of turning to people to teach you that.

A spiritual leader Someone who believes in humanity more than anything else and leads people around, towards the same belief of calm and peace.

It is not a very tough task just some pointers and you can feel the longing peace that spirituality offers within days of practicing:

  1. Let go of the old to embrace the new: You must let off all negative feelings that can come in the way of your spirituality. Ego, anger, jealousy, selfishness; drop these out of your life and try to become a person who has a lot of positive feelings.
  1. Accept Everything Wholeheartedly: Try to be more accepting towards everything. Live in this world with open arms and the world will also accept you for who you are. Saying yes to opportunities and keeping yourself open for new experiences can enhance the way you live your life. 
  1. Make that Bucket-list: Chalk out a plan and write it down in a diary or a journal and vow to follow it. You can take up one task per day and promise yourself that you would follow it in all circumstances. It will feel really good to check off your tasks from the list. You should set up long-term spirituality goals for yourself. These goals can range from anything, like opening a small school to send the children to who are less privileged, to opening an NGO which can work towards any social cause that is close to your heart and for which you have been meaning to do something big in life. 
  1. Being a Creator: You must become a creator. To find a connection between the energies flowing around you and your soul, you must be a creator. Since everything is interconnected, you must be constantly inventing yourself to feel connected to these things and find your solace by knowing that you have the support of these energies flowing around you. 
  1. Giving Back to the Society: Do not forget to give back to the world. Get over the materialistic nature that every human being has by default and join a NGO or keep donating in any amount you like. It always feels good to give back to the needy. And if you do not like to make donations, you can always be helpful and give back in that way. Be kind at heart and try to help others as much as possible. People will learn from your behavior and might pick up from it and become kind themselves. 
  1. Drop the Show-offing Act: There is no need to “look like”, you are into spirituality. Just be yourself, no need to dress-up like that. A person has to become spiritual from his or her heart and soul, not from the kind of image they can pull off. Even a non-spiritual person can easily pull of an image that will shout “spirituality” just by wearing some clothes and accessories that are symbolic of being a spiritual leader. 
  1. Pray: Praying is very important. You must pray every day and also teach that to your children and family members. Be it in the morning or at night, pray at least once in a day and feel connected to the higher energy. It will make you very calm and composed. You can also make it a habit for your family to pray before starting dinner. They can also learn your ways of spirituality. 
  1. Meditation: Meditation is an important tool to experience true spirituality and inner bliss. Start small – a few minutes each day and gradually increase the time, when you start feeling comfortable. Choose a place, which has ambient light, moderate temperature and is free from distractions. Timing is also important, as you shouldn’t choose a time when you have impending deadlines as your mind would focus on them, or when you have a busy household, like in the morning hours with the incessant doorbells and the maids. To start the process of meditation, just sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes and breathe in a relaxed manner. You could listen to chants or just chant “Om” yourself and soon you would be in a state, where you are more composed, relaxed and aware. 
  1. Empathize and not Sympathize: You should believe in empathy, not sympathy. People do not like to be sympathized with; all they look for is empathy when they go through a bad phase. If you think showing sympathy is the best way to support someone in their bad time, think again. Sympathy only makes a person feel weak and vulnerable than he or she already is and that is obviously not a very good feeling. On the other hand, empathy is something, which can make them feel calm and composed. If you say you feel sorry for them, they might not like you; but if you say you understand what they are going through and can related to it very well, they might feel supported and happy by your kind words. 
  1. Start with Yourself: However, do not forget to support yourself too. You do not want to spend all your energy just supporting other people, supporting yourself in stress and pain is equally important. If you neglect yourself, you might end up losing more than you gain. So pay attention to yourself too. It is not selfish at all. 
  1. Be Humble and Hospitable: Humility and hospitality are also an important area in which you should make your spiritual leadership to revolve around. These are the key areas, which can help you gain confidence and peace. You must be humble when it comes to talking and behaving with people who might be not very well off. You must not talk in a tone, which makes them feel ashamed or small. Also, when people come to stay at your house, or when guests visit you at office, be sure to go an extra mile to make them feel comfortable and at ease. They will really appreciate your efforts and feel at home, if you provide them with great hospitality. 
  1. The Energy Ball-game: We talked about energy before, another point to be added in that regard is that you must always stay in your own energy. Trying to breach someone else’s energy will always put a bad impact on your spirituality. Just stay in your energy and let others stay in their energy. There is no need for any kind of energy conflict. 
  1. Stay in your own zone: Also, you should not make it your job to take charge of anyone’s feelings. People are responsible for their own feelings and no one can guide or teach anyone how to feel or what to feel. So never try to come in the way of a person’s feelings. Interference in someone else’s life isn’t a good idea for your own spiritual growth. Look inward into your own life and focus on that, instead of focusing on the world. 
  1. Positive Environment: Try and foster an environment of love and care all around you. Be it your family, your friends or your work place, try and spread happiness to everyone whenever and wherever possible. Trying to give love and affection to the people you care will boost up your relationship with them and also work towards building your spirituality to a higher level. Try and do small deeds, which can make someone smile and feel joyous. It is not necessary that the gesture has to be loud and expensive, even leaving small happy notes can make someone’s day. 
  1. Be a Positive Role Model: Be a good impact for everyone who knows you. Try and be in their good books only. In this way, you can be a role model for them too and help them turn a new leaf.

Hence, being your own spiritual leader is not a very tough thing; just be yourself and follow the path of spirituality.

Welcome to a new life of inner bliss! 

About the Author

Gian Kumar is a successful entrepreneur turned Spiritual author. His life’s experiences drove him away from his former religious beliefs towards spirituality. He is grateful for a journey filled with Self explorations and he hopes to impart his experiential learning’s to his readers through the medium of his books. He is a author of a three volume book series: Know Thyself, Think from the Heart, The Ultimate Reality.

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