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How to beware of online matrimony fraudsters

matrimony fraudsters

The best things in life are free – but not always and searching for one’s best match on a ‘free’ matrimonial site is definitely not a good idea! In the recent years there have been incidents when people got cheated on matrimonial sites. Such incidences not only affect a person financially, but can also cause serious emotional damage. Its upto each individual to be vigilant, and take basic security measures to avoid being tricked.

There have been numerous cases registered against individuals creating fake profiles, and duping innocent people looking for life-partners.

  1. Goes without saying, that you should ask for the person’s social media links, and go though them with a fine comb – how old their profile is, whether there are any discrepancies in their timeline, how genuine their pictures seem, number of friends etc. In case of any doubt, ask the person directly. Failure to provide a clear answer is usually the first warning. Block such individuals immediately, and move ahead.
  2. Another obvious but important thing, DO NOT lend any money to anyone – be it a girl or a boy, no matter what the emergency, no matter how small the amount. ‘Refuse and Block’ is the only way to go.
  3. Try not to use the email id linked to your bank accounts on such online platforms. In the course of a few sugar coated calls, it is very easy for fraudsters to find your personal details and use them to hack your accounts.
  4. Trust your Guts. If at any point of initial conversations, you feel that the person is asking for too many unwarranted personal details, ‘Refuse and Block’. Further, anyone who tries to “express emotions” too quickly, or tries to hurry things up without a proper family introduction is someone to steer clear of.
  5. There are independent verification agencies that charge a very nominal fee to do a back-ground search on any individual. It’s always prudent to go for such services if you believe things are getting serious. You might think that such a step could hurt your potential partner’s feeling, but its always better to be safe than sorry.
  6. Getting married is once in a lifetime event, spending a little! Go for the trusted matrimonial sites only, and take their personalized packages. Consider only those matrimonial who take responsibility of verifying their clients’ details. Even amongst those ‘verified’ profiles, choose the paid members. Common swindlers are usually never the ones to go for paid membership.
  7. Lastly, God Forbid, you do become prey to such imposters, report them immediately to the website and to the local police. You may be able to save some other innocent person.

By: Saurabh Goswami, Founder, Ultra Rich Match

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