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How to Block Pop-Ups in Safari

block pop up safari

Pop-ups are ads that appear on the front of your screen over the content you are trying to view in the browser. Almost everyone will have come across a pop up when they are surfing the web. Many people are unaware that pop ups can do harm to their computers. It is ok if you see one pop up when you visit a webpage. But, if you find the webpage filled with banner ads and have pop ups that open in another window, it is a red flag that the site may install malware on your computer.

Close the Pop-Up Advertisement Window

The easiest way to get rid of this type of pop up is to press the x button. If you see the don’t show more alerts option from this webpage option, make sure you check it before clicking on the x button. Some pop-ups have fake buttons that look like the window close buttons. Clicking on the fake button may prompt the installation of adware so be careful when you want to click a close button on the ad that you are not sure of.

Some pop-up ads will reopen themselves after you press the x button. In this case, you will have to shut down your Safari browser and restart it again. You can force quit your Safari by pressing the Command + Escape keys. It is important that you don’t fill in any form in this type of ad as it is highly possible that it is a scam ad.

Visit Another Site on Your Safari Browser

You can also avoid the ad by visiting another site. All you need to do is to enter the URL of another site in the Search Field in the Safari browser and hit the Enter key. On your iPhone, you can bring up the Search Field by tapping on top of the screen.

Enable Safari Built-in Pop-Up Blocker

Safari has its own pop up blocker. You can navigate to the Security tab in the Safari preferences and check the Block pop-up windows option. From time to time, you will see update prompts that ask if you want to install some updates for different software on your Mac. You should always install the latest updates for all the software on your Mac. If you want to download apps, make sure you download them from the App Store or the developer site. If you download the app from other sources, you may get adware installed in your computer.

Check Your Computer for Adware

Often, the user is unaware that the adware has been installed in the computer. The tell tale sign is tha the pop ups that never seem to go away. It could be some adware you accidentally install is making these pop ups to appear. You can update your Mac to the latest OS to get rid of the malware. If you already have the latest OS version, you can restart your Mac. Mac has a built-in malware removal that will scan your computer for malware and remove them at every reboot.

If you just recently see some ad pop ups while browsing the internet, you will have to make a few checks on your computer to check for adware. Some adware will modify the homepage of your browser. You can go to the Search tab in Safari preferences and check if the homepage has been changed. In the search engine drop down menu, you can change back to the old homepage if you see that it is not your default homepage.

The adware may also install some extensions on your Safari browser. You can go to the Extensions tab and go through the list of installed extensions on the left. If you see an extension that you don’t recognize, you can select it and click on the Uninstall button to uninstall it. You can also check your Mac file system to see if the adware has installed some programs on your computer.

Use an Ad Blocker to Block Adware 

It is troublesome to have to check the entire Mac computer for adware. You could have prevented this from happening if you block the pop-up ads in the first place. You can install an ad blocker like AdGuard so that you won’t see ads whenever you want to surf the web. AdGuard will block all ads unlike the Safari built-in blocker. With Safari, you will see the congratulations pop up occasionally which contains virus. In addition, it is equipped with the technology to surpass anti-ad block script.

Safari pop-up blocker by AdGuard can remove elements such as banners, flash, and pop-ups/pop-unders on the page based on the customization of the ad filtering rules. The page code filtering technology only exist in standalone ad blocker software. Usually, ad blocker that functions only as browser extension do not have this page code filtering technology.

If you want to block ads on Safari in a phone, you can search for ad blocking app in the app store. You can usually enable the ad blocker that you have installed from the app store by going to Settings > Safari > General > Content Blockers. If after enabling the ad blocker, the page did not load correctly, you can go back to the Content Blocker to disable it. AdGuard contains multiple filters that allow you to filter down to only the ads that you want to see so there is no need to switch it back.

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